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Is Masturbation Healthy or Harmful?

You’ve probably already asked yourself if it’s healthy or harmful when you’re doing it. Or you might probably ask people around, but you are not sure yet. Is masturbation harmful or healthy? Is it causing you erectile dysfunction or loss of appetite?

Before answering to this question, you have to be aware that actually many people masturbate themselves. Men and women actually. Studies shown that in the range of 57-64 years old, men are 63% and women are 32% to still playing by themselves. Teenagers are also huge consumers study reveals as well: 74% of boys and 48% of girls.

There is no study about the middle age. However, we let you figure out by yourself the number between the both. Then you could ask your friends around to have a relevant information.

So now let’s see if masturbation is healthy or harmful?

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Firstly, you may have already heard somethings about masturbation and it wasn’t necessarily good. For instance, masturbate could cause infertility, erectile dysfunction, penis shrinkage or also low sperm count.

But don’t worry, all these facts are wrong! If you want to learn more about that, have some other read on our sources below. Indeed, masturbation isn’t unhealthy and even less harmful. Whether it be for your mental or physical health.

For instance, masturbate will enable you to reduce your stress, help you to sleep better, or improve your body image and self-esteem as well.

It can also help to treat sexual problems and diseases, relieve menstrual cramps and strengthen muscle tone in your pelvic.

Moreover, the masturbation can help you to discover what you like and dislike to know more about yourself. It can also help you for your future with a sexual partner.

Then, the only moment that masturbate could become “too much”, is when it impedes on your life in general. In this case, we recommend you go to talk with a therapist or healthcare professional.

And one final note, don’t worry if you masturbate when you’re in a relationship. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t satisfied with your partner. If you’re not closed to discuss, talking about sex is the best way to improve your sexual relations.

Communication is often the key. So, keep playing as it can be healthy so.

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