Healthy fight 101: Coffee vs Tea

4th June 2019

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee or tea. So, it’s very likely that you too will […]

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What is an Antioxidant and its Property?

3rd June 2019

It’s almost a fact that you’ve necessarily heard about antioxidants. On the TV, on a description of a product which […]

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What Does Being Healthy Really Mean?

30th May 2019

You might have already seen that, we love to speak about health because it’s the central matter which we care […]

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10 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain

29th May 2019

You might be aware that practicing physical or mental activities helps your brain being healthy. However, food is actually the […]

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The Best Health Benefits on Stop Eating Sugar

28th May 2019

Careful THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT HAVING A NICE PHYSIQUE. First of all, we’d just like to mention that this post […]

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having cold showers

6 Reasons Why you Should Try Having Cold Showers?

24th May 2019

Rare are the people who take cold showers. However, this is very interesting to be in shape and healthy. Indeed, […]

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Healthy fight 101: Water vs Orange Juices

22nd May 2019

It seems obvious for us to do a healthy fight showing the differences between water and fruit juices. What drinks […]

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What are Superfoods and Their Benefits for Your Health

21st May 2019

The term Superfood appeared frequently from the end of the 20th century. That refers to natural foods that have nutritional power […]

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How Often Should You Shower for Your Health?

20th May 2019

A shower can represent the beginning or the end of your day depending on when you have it. It’s part […]

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rice vs pasta

Healthy fight 101: Rice vs Pasta

17th May 2019

Pasta and rice are often the dishes you prepare when you are not sure about what to cook. A quick […]

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apple vs banana

Healthy fight 101: Apple vs Banana

16th May 2019

You might heard that we need to eat 5 fruits or vegetables per day. This is a common sentence which […]

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Minerals and their properties

What are Minerals and Their Properties

15th May 2019

What is a mineral? As with vitamins, we hear about minerals all the time. You can know many things or […]

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easy quick healthy recipe veggies power

Easy Quick Healthy Recipe 101 – Veggies 1

13th May 2019

We know that cooking nowadays is getting lost. Deliveroo and Uber eat are changing a lot the way we used […]

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stop being lazy

Several Ways to Stop Being Lazy

10th May 2019

Nowadays, everyone feels or gives the impression of being tired. Whether it’s for work or in your daily life, it […]

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What are Vitamins and their properties

What are Vitamins and Their Properties

8th May 2019

Vitamins are an integral part of our daily lives, but do you really know them? Nowadays, we’re often hearing about […]

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