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7 Most Nutritious Foods

Many of us want to be healthy and fit in our life. We want to enjoy more. Be more peaceful in our body and mind. And “Yes” nutrition plays an important role.

This is why we share with you 7 of the most nutritious foods.


Kale and Broccoli

7 most nutritious food broccoli

The first of the most nutritious foods are cruciferous veggies which are the best for our body. This should be eaten daily. Indeed they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibres and antioxidants. What best allies for your health !!!

Also, they contain very few calories and make you fill up anyway. So, they bring you some great nutrients for not so much calories. Combines with dense calories food, they are just great.

One other thing which is very important is that they bring vegetal calcium to your body.

Last point. Kale, broccoli and other greens contain bio active compounds which can help to fight cancer and make your immune system stronger.

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7 most nutritious food eggs

Indeed, eggs are great sources of proteins and healthy fats. They’re easy to be cooked and can be pretty cheap. Even if we recommend you have good organic eggs. The source is always fundamental. As there are from the hem, we need to make sure that they’ve been treated well to pound well.

Moreover, eggs have cholesterol, but good one. Again it’s a good help to fight the bad one. Try to consume not much than 2 to 3 per day nonetheless. Everything in moderation.

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7 most nutritious food nuts

Nuts can be eaten daily to bring healthy fats to our body. Take into account that nuts are dense in calories. This is a great healthy snack to consume everyday.

So, if you want to reduce your weight, eat them daily with the right portion.

A handful of them will give good healthy fats for your body. Healthy fats can help to reduce the bad ones which stick to your abs and leg areas.

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7 most nutritious food potatoes

After these healthy foods that you’ve seen, you need some healthy carbs. What could be better than what provides our mother nature.

Potatoes are high in potassium, magnesium and iron. It also contains some vitamin. It’s great to fill you up with enough calories. Not too much, not too low. You can’t be guilty to eat potatoes.

Actually, potatoes are harmful when they’ve been treat by human being. When they become chips or crips loaded with bad oils for instance.

From your kitchen you can cook them and then put into your oven. Add a bit of nice olive oil on it once there are ready. Combine with what you’ve seen before, you have a perfect compound healthy meal.

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7 most nutritious food quinoa

Here we give you again a great source of healthy carbs. These grains can be even better than potatoes as they provide great sources of vegetal proteins. Nonetheless, varying the pleasure is important.

It’s just actually important to get all the nutrients that the body need during your days. Not daily, but let’s say weekly. So one day, can be potatoes and the other day quinoa or lentils.

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7 most nutritious food

Great source of Iron, proteins and good healthy carbs. Again some grains. Healthy grains. We recommend you buy them not processed. That means to buy them in bulk and cook them yourself. Indeed, it will be healthy for the environment to not buy them in the package. Also, you will make sure that nothing has been added into.

You could cook them in advance for few days. That could be part of your healthy meal that you bring at work.

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Let’s finish by looking in the sea. Problem with the sea it’s that there is a lot of plastic in it. So again, check the source of the salmon you eat to make sure that you get all the great nutrients which it can bring to your body.

Salmon as nuts is a great source of healthy fat, proteins and minerals. There are dense in calories and nutrients.

Great source of omega 3 which is really essential for our body. Omega 3 is linked to improve well-being and can lower some harmful diseases.

So, if you don’t eat healthy fatty fishes, we recommend you take fish oil supplements to make sure that you have enough omega 3. As these ones cannot be found everywhere.

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We didn’t mention garlic, onions and other veggies as the goal of this post was to give you not a too long list. However, you should note that all fruits and veggies are great for your body. Fruits are also essentials to give you the vitamins that your body needs.

So, the best will be to enjoy the most varied dense nutrient food weekly. Not every food are equals. One will often brings you nutrients that other can’t.

Then, don’t forget to drink enough water to digest and hydrate your body in all time.

We are pretty sure that you are saying why there is no banana and apple? So, please kindly share your favorite healthy food in the section comment.

Mix these most nutritious foods and adopt a healthy lifestyle.


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