How to Organise and Build your Healthy Meal?

Eating healthy will not be only helpful for you to lose weight, but also to have a healthier lifestyle. Indeed, small changes during your meals will allow you to feel in a better physical and mental health as well.

We will therefore give you some advices on your diet, the way of eating and good habits to get.


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So firstly, before cooking or even simply eating, it’s important to buy great healthy food that doesn’t contain too much bad fats or sugar. That’s why when you go shopping, prepare a list in advance and stick to it. This will prevent you from buying all the junk food you like, and you’re used to taking. You see these foods which aren’t necessarily good for your health, right?

Then, cooking at home is much better for yourself than eating outside. For instance, when you go to a restaurant, you will obviously and unfortunately take something fatter or less good for your shape.

Eating at home will prevent you from gaining weight and could make you saving money at the same time if you’re careful about.

Plus, when you’re eating or even during the day, try to pay attention to drink enough water. We recommend you always have a bottle of water with you to not be dehydrated. And it’s preferable to drink water than any other sugary drinks.

And more than drinking water, eating fruits is a really good way to organise and build your healthy meal. Anyway, it’s also better to eat fruits instead of drinking them. The problem with fruit juices is that they have all these fruits compressed in it which can be too much rich in sugar. Especially when some companies added some into.

Afterwards what always accompanies fruits? Veggies, of course. Indeed, try to eat green as much as possible. We cannot emphasise this fact enough!!

You can increase your portions of protein, omega-3 and vitamin D as well with, for instance with eggs for breakfast. As always, it’s important to avoid sweet food as much as possible when you’re organising and building your healthy meal.

Moreover, when you’re cooking, try to avoid fries and replace them by baked or sweet potatoes which are better for your health. And when we’re talking about potatoes again, if you’re hungry, avoid crisps as much as possible and replace them with healthy snacks like nuts or popcorn, which are surprisingly healthy foods.

Finally, slow down when you eat! It has been proven that people who eat too fast or vote more than average are more likely to become obese (see the study in our sources at the end of the article).

So, if you take all these elements into account to organise and build your healthy meals, you’ll quickly see the positive effects on your health and shape.

Now find some healthy recipes that you can enjoy every time you want without worrying. So then, cook a bit and be healthy!


Healthy meal ideas:

  • Mushroom and onions omelettes:

Make your own omelette with approximately 3 eggs, and add some mushrooms, onions ginger, and parsley. Spiced as your taste.

  • Grilled chicken with lentils salad:

Prepare your grilled chicken (without the skin because it contains fats) and mix it with lentils and green beans. If you like mustard, you can enjoy yourself with it.

  • Your own Buddha Bowl (vegan):

Mix some healthy nutrients like avocados, brown rice, broccolis, spinach, cucumbers, courgettes, tomatoes, carrots, radishes or sweet potatoes. You can also use soy sauce if you like it, to put some taste into you Buddha Bowl.

organize and build your healthy meal buddha bowl



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