9 Foods to Whiten your Teeth

You may be wanting to have your teeth brighter. It might make yourself happier and able to smile to everyone. Which can be a great opportunity to spread the healthiness around yourself.

There are many aesthetic treatments available to whiten teeth during dentist sessions or with industrial products. But these can be quite expensive and may damage your dental health in the long run.

So, It can be more interesting to enjoy what nature has to offer and the many foods that are flourishing in our beautiful world.

Choosing natural foods is thus a good option. They act as an excellent means to protect your oral hygiene and to whiten your teeth.

Let’s see these 9 foods to whiten your teeth then.



9 foods to whiten your teethStrawberries are a great source of malic acid, antioxidants and vitamin C which can naturally whiten your teeth. It’s very effective because they act as a natural astringent helping to remove stains on the surface of teeth.

Besides, they contain a fiber that allows eliminating many types of bad bacteria like a complete natural cleaner.


Carrot and Celeries

These vegetables are great foods to whiten your teeth.

Indeed, they have the particularity to increase saliva production when you’re chewing them. Therefore, they play the role of a natural mouthwash and stain remover. It’s greatly helped by their fiber and vitamin component. They can also kill bacteria and prevent any tooth decay.


Dried Fruits and nuts

Dried fruits help to remove plaque and yellowing on your teeth. They are also essential to whiten your teeth while strengthening them, thanks to their high source of fiber, protein, and calcium. Dried fruits are also very rich in good fat useful for your general health.

Besides whitening your teeth, dried fruits provide your body with numerous great nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Therefore, snacking on nuts, almonds, walnuts, or cashews can also stimulate saliva to avoid bacteria.



Broccoli is such an excellent for your health but also to whiten your teeth. This superfood has several benefits such as reducing inflammation and cavities in your mouth thanks to its fiber component one more time.

Besides, the iron in broccoli can also protect your tooth enamel and prevent stains and cavities.

Broccolis are also good to clean and polish your teeth.



9 Foods to Whiten your Teeth onions

Another kind of food to whiten your teeth is the onion. Thanks to its antibacterial sulfur that prevent plaque formation on your tooth enamel.

We can also notice how good it is to protect your teeth against bacteria.

Nonetheless, its health benefits can be fully effective only when the onion is eaten raw. Therefore, add raw onions to salads or sandwiches. Hopefully, you like the taste.


Dairy products

Consuming dairy products can be key to whiten your teeth. Indeed, they are rich in lactic acid. These properties can help to prevent decay. Moreover, dairy products contain calcium and protein that are essential in the protection of tooth enamel.

Dairy products not only prevent decay but also prevent cavities inside your mouth.

For instance, chewing cheese also causes the production of saliva, which eliminates residual food particles.

Therefore, take full advantage of their benefits for your health and tooth whitening by eating cheese, milk or yogurt.


Citrus Fruits

9 foods to whiten your teeth

Citrus fruits are the main fruits to contain acids. These components are thus very effective to whiten your teeth. Indeed, their acidic taste improves the production of saliva for a natural rinse and protection against bacteria and stains.

Indeed, in addition to acids, which contribute to the whitening process, citrus fruits can also contain many minerals that strengthen your teeth.

Orange and pineapple are great fruits to whiten your teeth as well as lemon. But about this latter, make sure to not apply directly to your teeth because it can affect tooth enamel.



We can notice the saliva process as one of the carrot and celeries. In fact, apples are full of water that increase saliva production and can thus protect your tooth enamel.

Also, apples are rich in vitamin C which can help to eliminate bad bacteria and strengthening the whitening process. This vitamin is also helpful to prevent gum disease and kill bacteria that sometimes cause unpleasant odors in the mouth.


Dark chocolate

Last but certainly not least, dark chocolate is a good option in the whitening process. At this point, you might be happy to know that.

In fact, dark chocolate contains theobromine, a bitter compound that helps to harden the surface of tooth enamel. Dark chocolate is, therefore, good food to prevent the appearance of stains and makes them less sensitive to discoloration.



After seeing these 9 foods to whiten your teeth, you may have noticed that we didn’t mention directly how to whiten your teeth.

The process is not that simple. Indeed, whitening your teeth doesn’t mean that rubbing a piece of food on your teeth will allow you to have all the effects to make your teeth brighter. It rather means that it’s crucial to protect your dental hygiene first to see the whitening result afterward.

Therefore, it is essential to establish little by little a healthy diet with these foods. And in this way, to protect your oral hygiene. Indeed, by eating some of these 9 foods, you will not only help to whiten your teeth naturally, but you will also protect every part of your oral hygiene from your tongue, gum to your teeth in the long term.

Besides whitening your teeth, these foods can provide your body with many positive nutrients that will keep you healthy.

However, these 9 foods to whiten your teeth can’t prevent oral diseases, stains, bacteria or decays at 100%. It is thus crucial to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly and go to a dentist when a problem occurs or for a regular check.



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