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Easy Quick Healthy Recipe 101 – Veggies 1

We know that cooking nowadays is getting lost. Deliveroo and Uber eat are changing a lot the way we used to lived. It sounds like we neither can’t find the time to eat. And it’s real that the way we’ve been feeding ourselves has changed.

In our fast moving modern world, we’re all the time in the rush. Thus, that’s not so convenient to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This is why we created these easy quick healthy recipes for you.

Helping you to keep cooking and feeding yourself well in no time.


Quick healthy recipe: Veggies Power

Cut and peel one big sweet potato and 2 big normal potatoes to mix the healthiness and nutrients they hide. Peel and cut some carrots to have a healthy skin and stay polite. Boiled carrots and potatoes in a saucepan with hot water for few minutes. Add some broccoli cut into. Boiled the whole for few minutes to get a bit of tenderness but not too much on them.

Dry them and put them in the oven around 200°. Add a light splash of olive oil or other healthy oil that you like. You can also add some spices as you wish.

Let them cooked a bit and remove once you start to have the crisp and a slight different colours on the potatoes. Then, get them on the plates and here you are. You have a 4 colours power healthy plate.

Easy quick recipe to be healthy in no time.

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The good thing

Healthy plate created in no time. No need to be a master Chef.

Potatoes contain good healthy carbs and proteins. Broccolis contain healthy proteins.  All these veggies have great minerals and they are very low in calories.

It’s sweet because of the sweet potatoes which make this plate very tasty.



Enjoy this quick healthy recipe for a healthy meal each day as you like. Avoid eating too much potatoes for dinner has it can trouble your digestion and make harder for you to sleep peacefully.



Image by Katharos from Pixabay


My name is Romain Gherardi, founder of Pret-a-Train and Newairz. Author and expert in fitness and health. I write and share my passions in order to help you have a better and healthier life.

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