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5 Great Benefits of Lemon

Often overlooked or underestimated, the benefits of lemon are numerous! Indeed, it’s rich in many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C, and potassium. It even contains calcium and magnesium. Let’s be drinking lemon a part of your healthy morning routine to be sure you have the benefits of it.

So, here are 5 benefits of lemon that you may not know yet!

1 / Benefit of Lemon: Perfect for hydration

benefits of lemon

With the return of sunny days, your body really needs to stay hydrated. When getting up in the morning or after a good workout, it is important to fill up your body with water. Lemon is perfect for that. Composed at 80% of water, it regenerates your system by giving back fluids it has lost.

Moreover, if drinking water isn’t really appealing for you, it’s a good alternative to sodas. It makes your drinks more interesting and not caloric at the same time. Finally, the high intake in lemon of Vitamin C gives you a boost of energy and encourage you to be in a good mood!

Lemony water: a healthy drink! Check ✓

2 / Benefit of Lemon: an activator of the immune system

benefits of lemon

Maintaining your immune defenses against external attacks is essential to stay in top form. Considered as an antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic, this natural supplement helps you fighting against all kinds of diseases. You can use lemon to protect yourself against colds, fight sore throats or fatigue.

Vitamin C also helps fighting respiratory problems, quite common in this pollen season. This can be very beneficial for people who are suffering of allergies at this time of the year!

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Lemon: master of the defenses. Check ✓

3 / Benefit of Lemon: an important dietary supplement for digestion

bienfaits du citron

Another one of the many benefits of lemon is its action on digestion. Thus it has a purifying role on the liver. Indeed, the substances in it remove the waste present on the intestinal wall. Lemon also stimulates the production of bile which activates digestion and thereby reduces intestinal toxins.

Contrary to a popular belief, lemon is not acid when ingested. As a result, it can be a great help for relieving symptoms of indigestion, such as heartburn.

Lemon: policeman of the digestive system! Check ✓

4/ Benefit of Lemon: A detox tip

benefits of lemon

After a certain period of time, your body stores a lot of toxins which can affect your spirit or your health. The lemon is then a good economic tip to effectively purge your body of these unwanted stocks. Indeed, it has a diuretic effect on kidneys, which increases the amount of liquid present in your body. This helps to eliminate more quickly toxins.

Thus, after a drunken evening or a massive fatigue due to tiredness, drinking it will purge your body from accumulated waste while restoring it for the next day!

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Lemon: spirit supporter. Check ✓

5 / Benefit of Lemon: A precious help to lose weight

benefits of lemon

Lemon is present in many programs to lose weight. And that is with reason. In addition to being low in calories, it helps you burn calories faster. It optimises the fat burning thanks to its action on the liver by the effects of Vitamin C.

This fruit also helps you limiting small cravings. Pectin present in its fibres makes them swell during its way inside the stomach. This phenomenon causes a feeling of immediate satiety, helping you to resist to temptation for the greatest pleasure of your body!

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Lemon: (natural) slimming partner! Check ✓


To Conclude:

The lemon has many benefits that are useful for your everyday life. Whether it is to help your body treating its waste or fighting against fatigue and diseases, its action is indisputable to improve your life. So here are so many reasons to use more of this fruit in your daily habits!

Do you know that drinking water can increase your metabolism?
So drink up with some lemon and stop soda to reduce the amount of sugar you get and get to a better health!

“Easy peasy lemon squeezy.” “Live life happily”

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