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5 Foods to Be Better in Bed

When it’s time to do it, you can be scared to not satisfy your partner in bed. But don’t be afraid, you’re not alone!

There are some foods which can play an important role of your sexual performance.

For instance, you unintentionally eat some aphrodisiacs before and after having sex such as chocolate, coffee, banana or potatoes as well.

They increase your happy hormones, but only during short times unfortunately.

First of all, you must know that healthy diet and food are more advised to perform well. They low the risk of erectile and sexual dysfunction for men and women.

So here we are, we’ll give you some of the best food to be better in bed in this article.


be better in bed avocados


Would you believe it!? But the word “avocado” come from the Nahuatl language (Aztec) that means “testicles” for the similar forms between the both.

They are rich in vitamins B and E that will keep your nervous system stable. Which is a key thing because having sex for men is all about controlling the mind. It also allows to low risks of cardiovascular diseases.

They contain potassium which will increase your energy and libido as well.

Eat them raw is the best thing that you can do because the vitamin E is sensitive to heat and oxygen. That’s the reason why avocados change quickly about their colour.

TIP: Don’t hesitate to add a bit of avocados in your salads or in your sandwiches, that will vary a bit your meal and allow you to be better in bed. Especially if you’re going to meet your partner then.


be better in bed oysters


This seafood not necessarily liked by all the people, is rich in zinc. This mineral helps your body to produce testosterones which is the hormone of sexual desire.

Necessarily, it will not work just after eating six ones in a meal, but after a consistent period of time, they could definitely boost your super hormones.

TIP: Try to share some when you go to the restaurant with your friends cause now you know the power of this one coming from the sea.

You can add some lemon to add some acidity to the bitterness. Lemons have a lot of good properties as well.


be better in bed seeds

Pumpkin seeds

They are composed of zinc like oysters, but also with iron and magnesium.

All these elements are essential for a good health, and by being healthy you could have much better sex. Indeed, these seeds bring you energy, relaxation and boost your immunity and metabolism.

TIP: Like avocados, we advise you to put some of them in your meals and especially in your salads. If you have a break in your days and feel yourself hungry, you can have a handle of these seeds. It can be considered as a very good healthy snack.


be better in bed pineapple


Moreover, pineapples are considered as aphrodisiacs like chocolate or tomatoes, but they are more beneficial to be better in bed.

They are composed with manganese, mineral which is well-known for sexual health.

Pineapple provides the body in thiamine (vitamin B) which helps to give you energy: that will optimise your drive sex.

TIP: You can drink a glass of pineapple juice during your breakfast or just as a snack, which will bring you the quantity of mineral and vitamin you need for the big night.


Ground flax seeds

Finally, these other types of seeds are also good for your health, so for your sexual drive as well.

They contain rich antioxidant properties and increase blood flow to the sexual organs. In this way, they allow the erection and keep the sperm healthy.

In the same manner, they contain omega 3 acids which improve your cardiovascular health.

TIP: You could add some in your smoothies for your healthy breakfast.


Foods to avoid

Now that you know some of the best food to be better in bed. You might want to know which are the ones to avoid?

We are sorry to tell you that bread and cheese which can be eaten after sex, can be actually not good for your pleasure performance.

In fact, our body doesn’t digest well the nutrients of these two elements because they are high in FODMAP (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides…). They could give you some cramps or gas when you’re having sex, that could be not appreciate by your partner.

Alcohol and cooked meats are not necessarily advised before having sex because they could slow down your blood circulation or make you sleepy. Now you know why if you have too much of them, you have to report the act the next morning.

So, if you would perform at your top level, we advised you to avoid as much as possible these types of foods or drinks.

And finally, we’re really sorry, but instead of charcuterie boards it could be preferable an oyster one with just one glass of wine to be in a good sex mood, but not sleepy.

be better in bed charcuterie



All these points provide that you can eat different types of foods to be better in bed and reduce other ones.

So to make it clear, it’s important to keep a good blood circulation (allowed with ground flax seeds), having energy (avocados), testosterones (oysters), and to be in a good health (pineapple, pumpkin seeds).

These elements will allow you to have a better health and at the same time to satisfy more your partner.



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