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Healthy fight 101: Apple vs Banana

You might heard that we need to eat 5 fruits or vegetables per day. This is a common sentence which has been market over and over again. That’s right. We need fruits and vegetables daily in a way to be healthy.

We know that vegetables are usually prepared during meals, while you can eat fruit all day long without need to cook. The well known best fruits that are easy to find and to transport are apples and bananas. But then, which one is the healthiest? Have you ever ask yourself?

That’s why we’ve decided to confront and to compare this 2 great common well eaten fruits.

So, let’s start this healthy fight: Apple vs Banana.


Are Apple and Banana healthy?

First of all let’s answer this question which sound pretty obvious to everyone.

Of course, these two fruits are healthy. They are among the fruits and vegetables that are most beneficial to your health thanks to their composition full of great nutrients.

Moreover, these two fruits are quite small containers of sugars (fructose) compared to pineapple for instance. So, whether it’s for dessert or when you’re hungry in the middle of the morning or afternoon, they’ll be great healthy snacks.



To compare apple vs banana, we’ll use 100 grams of each one. It’s easier to do like that because an apple is heavier than a banana.

So, 100g of apple represent one half of it, and contain 52 calories with 14g of carbs (good sugar and fibres). Moreover, the apple also contains Vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and magnesium.

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One more time, we’ll use 100 grams of banana which represent a small one.

So, these 100g contain 89 calories with 23g of carbs. This small banana is composed by many vitamin B-6, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and vitamin A as well.

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Which one is the best depending on the time of the day?

As we have seen above, these two fruits are very good for your health. But it may be better for you to eat some of them at a specific time or not. For instance, to give you more energy when you need to recover.

In addition, we know that bananas contain more sugars for the same amount as apples. And you’ve probably seen athletes prefer bananas to apples, haven’t you? That’s because they give them more energy in a quicker way.

Apples, on the other hand, are even healthier. So, if you have a craving during the day, they will be your best friends. As they might fill you up more.

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Conclusion – who win the healthy fight?

As we saw, these two fruits are part of the healthiest ones. Indeed, whether you have one or the other, it won’t change a lot. It will be the case only if you practise sports and the banana will be better to give you more sugar to continue your efforts.

So, apple vs banana, who won? The both!

Finally, what we can advise to you is: When you feel the hunger during your days, prefer taking an apple to last longer. And if you’re doing sport have a banana to get a boost straight up.

Hope you’ve liked this healthy fight, hope you’ll eat these 5 fruits and vegetables daily! Enjoy your healthy lifestyle.


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  • Great article – They 2 fruits will become my best friends from now! Keep it real!


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