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What Happens After You Quit Smoking – Timeline

You may want to stop smoking, or you might think about it in a corner of your mind?

Many people are smoking, and it can be a though addiction to quit. Nonetheless, you could find great benefits by get rid of this.

In fact, quitting smoking will help you to be in better shape and health. Moreover, it will prevent you from harmful diseases.

Also, you’ll be more likely to do some exercises and to have a healthier lifestyle. It will also enable you to improve the return of your taste. To have a better skin and a better smell around yourself. Your partner should appreciate that as well.

As you can understand there are many great benefits to get when you stop smoking. Thus, we make a timeline to show you how from quickly to longer it can change your life.


20 minutes

20 minutes after your last cigarette smoked, your pulse rate begin to return to normal and your blood pressure may start to improve.

Your hands and feet temperature will return to normal as well.


8 hours

Then, carbon monoxide which is one of the well-known toxins contain in cigarettes will be reduced.

This one is significantly harmful in high doses for your health with his entrance into the blood. Which is also the case for the nicotine.

But, between 8 and 12 hours after you quit smoking, nicotine and carbon monoxide levels reduce by more than half. And your oxygen levels get back to normal.


1 day

The risk of developing heart diseases starts to decrease just after one day. A person who smokes a pack a day is twice as likely to have heart attacks.

By smoking, you raise the risk to develop your coronary diseases because that will lower your good cholesterols. And if you quit just for a little day, your blood pressure begins to drop, and your oxygen levels increase. With that, you’ll have less difficulties to make some physical activities.

That’s the reason why when you’re a smoker, you’re more out-of-breathe after an effort than a non-smoker person.

You can read about the study who shows that doing non exercise can be worse than being a smoker.


2 days

After 48 hours of quitting smoking, the carbon monoxide will be eliminated from your body. Lungs will begin to clear out the mucus and smoking debris. So, after these two days, you’ll recover your senses of smell and taste without any more nicotine in your body.

When you stop smoking for 2 or 3 days, it’s likely that people begin to experience irritability, anxiety, tiredness, hunger or also headaches. It’s one of the hardest parts when you want to quit smoking. You’ll probably try to substitute cigarettes by foods and snacks.

At that time, we recommend you to have some healthy ones.


1 month

Your blood circulation continues to improve after one month.

All the benefits you can see after 2/3 days will be more and more felt. Indeed, you’ll feel yourself really much better, healthier and you won’t feel any problems when you exercise.

And Finally, your risk of heart attacks goes down even more.


3 months

Your lung function continues to improve like your blood flow. That’s why after 3 months, you will significantly have less coughs wheezing and breathing problems.

You’ll have more energy as well.


1 year

One year after quitting smoking, the lungs have really healed. Therefore, the risk of heart diseases is reduced by half compared with a person which is still smoking.

5 years

After 5 years as you’ve perfectly healed from the toxin which can narrow your blood vessel and arteries. The toxin which can even cause blood clots in these twos.

Your arteries and blood vessels start to widen again. Indeed, your chances of strokes and cervical cancers start to be the same as a non-smoker.


10 years

After 10 years, your chances to develop lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker. Furthermore, during the first 5 years, you reduce the risk of throat, mouth, pancreatic cancer, and this is even more the case after 10 years.


15/20 years

Finally, after 15 years without smoking, the risk of heart diseases is the same as a person who never smoke.

Your body has almost completely recovered. That’s why the risk of pancreatic cancer has significantly reduced. These risks are now the same than if you’ve never smoked a cigarette.

And after 20 years, all the risks of different types of death are the same than person who never smoked.

Then you can say you’ve defo a non smoker on the picth.



You probably know that more than making you healthier as seen in the timeline. Quitting smoking will save you a lot of money as well. In fact, the average English smokers has between 11 and 13 cigarettes a day, which can represent more than 1500 pounds per year.

Don’t you think going to Bali or any country every year instead?

It’s not an easy thing to quit smoking but with all the advantages like reducing the risks of many cancers. Your ability to find back your taste and a good smell. Why not trying to smoke a last cigarette with a smile and a conviction in your face?

To resume without smoking you’ll have a healthier lifestyle. If it seems too difficult for yourself, you can go to see some specialists or doctors who can help you to quit smoking.

You can also read our great way to stop any addiction if you’re willing to end that and go surfing to Bali instead.

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