8 Ways to Cope with Stress

In today’s life, we’re facing hard pressure which can constrain us in our daily professional or personal environment.

This situation can eat away at our lives to the point of preventing us from sleeping, eating or even the most fundamental one: being happy. This feeling that can ruin our lives sometimes is called stress.

But most sadly it can be chronic stress that it’s defined as too excessive and severe. For many people, this can be a serious problem that’s hard to cope with.

But there are some ways to cope with stress for our great release.


Our 8 ways to cope with stress


Organize your time

8 ways to cope with stress to do list

Being overwhelmed, busy or in rush are the common feeling when you’re stressed. You don’t know where to start. You might have too much information in your mind, too many tasks to do.

How can you survive the day then?

Organizing your time is thus one of the best ways to cope with stress.

Write down the tasks you need to do and put them in order of urgency. Finally, establish the schedule for the next day and include also breaks. This will give you an idea of what your day looks like and what you still have to do and how long it’ll take. After this process, you may feel relieved.


Relativize your troubles

Easier said than done.

When you face difficulty, you tend to let it take over you emotionally and mentally to the point where you aren’t able to think of a solution. The effect on your mental is immediate because all your attention is focused on this obstacle which seems insuperable. It’s sometimes the natural reaction of stress.

Start by analyzing the situation. And think if this situation is really difficult for you to overcome. Therefore, the next time you encounter an obstacle, see this as an opportunity to take another path before thinking that it is inevitably impossible to overcome.

You are your own competitor. Stress could be the only way to make you stronger and happier in the end.


Have a relaxation time

Sometimes, you need fresh air in order to handle any troubles that go through your mind.

For instance, you can go away from the city during the weekend or a few days. It’s important not to be overwhelmed by your daily life. You can do new activities outside your routine. It’s been proven that relaxation reduces the effects of stress.

Having naps to release stress is also a positive way by resting your mind and your body for a few minutes.

More regularly, take the time to spend 20 to 30 minutes outside three times a week. Even a simple walk, or a short time sitting watching nature, significantly reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels (one of the stress hormones).

If you work in a company, take the opportunity to go out of your office for 10-20 minutes. It’s crucial to take fresh air and forget a little bit about all the tasks you have to do. Breaks can make you more productive.

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Eat a healthy diet

8 ways to cope with stress healthy diet

When your mind is full of worries, you can directly rush to your fridge, eating every food you can find. However, when eating unhealthily, you can largely put your physical and mental health in a bad condition in the long term.

Your body needs good and healthy food to function properly, so it’s advisable to vary food in reasonable amounts. Eat vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs, protein, and good fats… They’re great to provide you with good nutrients for your health such as vitamins, minerals, etc. Drinking a lot of water is also an important point. Your body needs to be hydrated all day to cope with every situation.

A healthy diet plays a key and preventive role in preventing and releasing stress.


Try to think positive

Think positively can be a good option as one of the best ways to cope with stress.

Nonetheless, it can be hugely difficult. It can require a complete and complex process to reach an optimistic thinking every day. It means that you have to let negativity go away every day.

When facing a stressful situation, you can see nothing else but negativity and overload problems.

Take every daily changes or situation to consider them positively. Find positiveness in every obstacle. Your first thought can be a negative one facing them. But don’t hesitate to talk to you positively. Besides, make sure to be kind to you and to compliment yourself every day.


Get a good and restorative sleep

Sleep is a way to cope with stress. Indeed, sleep in one of the more beneficial activities to better your mental and physical health and therefore, cope with stress.

When you are sleeping, your body regenerates itself. All your functions are preparing to face the next day. It is thus essential to go to bed at the same time every day and respect at least 7-8 hours per night.

Having a good and restorative sleep will prevent you from being delayed or late and even tired all day.

This is a virtuous circle. The more you’ve got better sleep, the better your health will be. You’ll be able to face your everyday troubles.

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Have a physical activity

We’ve already tackled our website if is yoga or physical activity better to release stress.

It is always essential to take care of your physical health. It cannot only help you to lose weight or to make muscles, but it also makes your body in good physical and mental shape in the long term.

During a fitness session, it’s really common for your body to release endorphin hormone. This is a stress hormone when your body is under pressure. Exercising is a perfect way to cope with stress. You put your body in a stressful situation. The more you are practising, the more you get used to every future stressful situation.

We advise you to practice physical activity for at least 20 minutes a day. You can choose several sports depending on your tastes and your needs. You have a lot of choices such as fitness, natation, cycling, tennis, boxing or even walking.


Connect with people

8 ways to cope with stress connect with people

Maintaining and cultivating relationships is one of the ways to cope with stress as it favours our mental health. Indeed, mental health is a part of our body that is essential to take care of.

Being surrender by people you like or love allows you to forget for a moment any of your worries. Loneliness and isolation are one of the most hurtful factors that can lead to severe chronic stress, anxiety or depression.

Take the time to talk to people around you so that you can lower the hormones released by stress. It can also help you to put yourself in a good mood and to behave positively for the rest of the day.

Make sure to have good and kind people around who are good listeners and supporters when you feel the need to have someone to talk to.



Stress is an essential matter. When it’s too excessive and severe to handle, that’s commonly called chronic stress. It can lead to several tough diseases such as anxiety, depression, and cancer.

It’s sometimes difficult to cope with stress. You can be overwhelmed and anxious by all the flow of troubles that go through your mind.

Nonetheless, these 8 ways to cope with stress can be very helpful for you. Indeed, they are referring to several aspects of your daily life whether in diet, physical health, relationships, or mental health. Therefore, you have all you need to cope with stress.


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