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4 Tips To Be Healthy And Protect The Environment

Our planet is in danger. This is a fact. We can feel that in our own perspective. No need of media to tell us, when we’re getting cold approaching summer. And when we’re getting hot in February in Europe. It sounds like there is no more real season.

Global warming and climate changes are real.

Moreover, we consume too much. More than ever before. Now everyone know about that. This is not a secret anymore. We have to protect our planet, for our children and even for us.

Everyone wants to live in a nice environment. Right?

So, it’s still time. There are some little things that we can do to preserve our planet. Some daily easy things which can make you healthier and protect the environment in the meantime.

Here I give you four easy (doable) tips to be healthy and protect the environment.


Consume less processed food

Firstly, consuming processed food is not good for your body. As it said, it has been processed and added with many stuff into. Like sugar, salt or chemicals. That you don’t really need and which can be harmful for your body.

Also, processed food as always a packaging. Plastic or others. Which are going to your bin, and from your bin, to the environment. Waste is everywhere. There are too much garbages in our world.

By preferring eating bulk food like vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans, cereals and nuts. You’ll be healthier and protect the environment in the meantime.

There are many « no waste shops » that are opening nowadays. You could google it to see if there are some next to you. If you don’t have one next to you, reducing as much as you can food with packaging will already be great for you and the environment.


Drink water from your own flask

We’re staying in the waste and packaging. Plastic is everywhere like sugar nowadays. We used to drink from a plastic bottle.

However, studies have shown that is actually harmful to our body and that it’s better to drink water from home as much as possible. If it’s not the case you can filter it and refill your own flask.

Same when you go to a coffee shop. You can use your own reusable cup. We can see that everywhere now. You could even get a discount in some coffee shops by using your cup.

Having your own flask of water with you in all time will allow you to drink more often. In fact, our body need constant hydratation as 70% of it is made by water.

Cramps or migraine for instance are often coming from not drinking enough water. So, have your own flask or bottle and drink your own water. Be healthy and protect the planet with this tip. It was the second tip to be healthy and protect the environment.

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Consume less meat

I don’t say that you have to stop. Many will say : « go vegan ! ». This is not our case. However, we encourage you to reduce the amount of meat that you eat. One more time with reducing the packaging, you’ll reduce the waste. But that’s not all. Industrialised agriculture takes a lot of lands in our planet to produce more and more meat.

Thus, they deforest to create livestock. Cows create methane emission (gaz). Indeed, a cow does an overage release between 70 and 120 kg of Methane per year. Which make our planet very polluted.

On the healthy side. Eating less meat will prevent you from harmful cardiovascular diseases. Your digestion will feel better as well.

You can find more on this topic in the sources and further readings at the end of this article.

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Cycle or walk. Use your legs.

Your body has been designed to move. We are closed to animals. We have legs, arms, muscles, articulation, tendons.. They all have been created to be uses. Not just to be sited on a bus, a train or a car. Or recently standing on a trottinette using just your wrist to go forward.

Not all of us have the luck to live closed to their work. But if you can, don’t use the transport, or get off one or two bus stop before to make sure that you make your body moves daily.

That will reduce the pollution in our planet and make you move ! In a nice and fresh environment.

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To Conclude:

By doing these 4 tips to be healthy and protect the environment. I guarantee you that you’ll be healthier and more happier. Living in a better world.

Come on! This is what we want, right? Being healthy to live longer and more fulfil. This is what you need. A healthy lifestyle in a healthy environment.

These 4 tips can be easy to follow. One by one and step by step. We’ll all be healthier and protect the world that makes ourselves breathe and live.

There are tons of other tips to be healthier and protect the planet. Please, kindly share with us what are yours in the comment section.


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My name is Romain Gherardi, founder of Pret-a-Train and Newairz. Author and expert in fitness and health. I write and share my passions in order to help you have a better and healthier life.

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