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The Most Hydrating Drinks

Our body is composed of 60-75% water. It’s therefore normal to stay well hydrated. So, You might wondering which beverage helps you to stay hydrated.

Of course, we’re all thinking about water, but are there some others that can hydrate us just as well?

In fact, all drinks will help you to stay hydrated because they all contain water into. But they’re not all going to allow you to keep the thirst away as much as you can expect. So, let’s discover the drinks from the most hydrating ones to the least ones.



Firstly, as you might expect, the most hydrating drink is water. Whether it’s during your work day or through exercise or sport, water will hydrate yourself the most.

In addition, it not contains any calories or sugar, which will be healthier for you.

You can add fruits or vegetables so that it also hydrates and gives a little more taste without being bad for your health. Thus, adding cucumbers, oranges or lemons for their benefits to give flavour to your drink can only be beneficial for yourself.

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Tea is another good source of hydration because it contains a lot of water. It has only a few calories if you don’t add sugars into.

Moreover, it will also help you if you’re looking to lose weight thanks to its antioxidant action. But try to pay attention with your intake and don’t take too much throughout the day because it also contains caffeine.



Coffee helps you to stay hydrated, just a little less than water. It can help you, but only if you consume it in normal and not excessive quantities. It should not be forgotten that caffeine is a source of addiction because it’s a stimulant.

It may therefore be beneficial for you to replace it with other drinks and you could simply drink water for instance.

Other hot drinks such as hot chocolate help to keep you well hydrated but generally contain more sugars than coffee and tea.

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Fruit juices

Then, whether there are smoothies or fruit juices, they will give you good nutrients, vitamins and more to hydrate yourself correctly. However, one of the problems with fruit juices are their sugar contents, even if they’re good sugars.

So, always try to be careful to take natural juices which are made only with fruits and not added products or sugars.



Milk is another drink that will help you to stay hydrated. Indeed, it will stay longer in the body thanks to its properties and will provide you calcium, proteins and B vitamins.

Nevertheless, even if it contains all these properties, it’s also a high-calorie container. It’s therefore important to be careful to not consume too much. And otherwise, it could have negative effects on your health.

Plant-based milks can be a healthier option.


Soft drinks

Soft drinks and sodas can hydrate yourself but contain a lot of sugars and calories again. On some points, they can even be worse than alcohol.

If you consume large quantities of them, we advise you to reduce your consumption because it may have effects on your health and especially your teeth.

If it seems too complicated for you to stop drinking them, try drinking those with low sugar content, such as “zero”.

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Alcoholic drinks

Even if alcohol contains water, it’s not a certainty that it actually hydrates well. You’ve probably already heard that you should drink at least one glass of water between each glass of alcohol. It’s indeed a good way to avoid a hangover.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, alcohol contains water and should therefore help to hydrate our body. But it contains a lot of sugars and therefore calories.

We shouldn’t be the first to tell you this but try to be careful with your alcohol consumption. It’s absolutely not the drinks that will really hydrate yourself.

If you can’t resist, one non alcoholic beer could be an option to help you enjoying the sun, hydrating yourself, and be healthier.

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The bottom line

We have seen that all these drinks can allow you hydrating yourself because they contain more or less water. Of course, water is always the best way to put the thirst away.

Then there are hot drinks such as tea or coffee, fruit juices and milk which can be another options.

Finally, we recommend that you avoid drinking sodas, soft drinks and even less alcohol to rehydrate your body. They contain a lot of sugars, and are therefore bad for your health. Plus they will hydrate you less than other drinks.


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