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The Best Supplements for Your Health and Why

Lot of people speak about nutrients and their benefits for the overall health. But how many of you really know them?

Be reassured, you’re not alone. Note that most of nutrients which come from foods are essential for our body.

Indeed, they’re vital for your health and your shape. Unfortunately, many people have “deficiencies” which can cause disorders. That can depend from their lifestyle or the way they eat often.

So, we’ll see together what the best supplements are for your health and why.



Calcium is the most abundant mineral salt in the body, and we need it to be in shape and healthy. It offers protection against heart diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer and build strong bones.

You can find good calcium in green leafy vegetables or some products like plant- based milk and cereals which can have added one into them.

If you think you don’t have enough can be an important supplement for your health to get.


Vitamin D:

Then, vitamin D is a nutrient that regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. It is very important for bone and skeletal health and can preventing mood disorders, immune support and hormonal balance.

A lack of vitamin D could lead to bone pains caused by a condition called osteomalacia in adults.

Vitamin D is more often coming from exposing skin to sunlight.

To get enough vitamin D, the best way is to spend 15–20 minutes outside most days of the week without sunscreen on yourself. You can also find this nutrient in food like egg yolks and red meat. If you don’t expose enough your skin or if you don’t any animal products.

You could take 400-800 IU/day or 10-20 micrograms or again you can find some food fortified products with it like often cereals and milks.


Omega 3 fatty acid:

The Omega 3 is a class of essential fatty acids that helps against heart disease, fight inflammation and Alzheimer. It has a power called “anti-inflammatory”. It means your immune system becomes activated when your body recognize anything that is foreign. Such as invading microbes, plants pollen, or chemicals.

The Omega 3 can be found in some foods like:

  • Fish (especially cold-water fatty fish such as salmon or sardines)
  • Plant oils
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fortified food

Moreover, eating some fish is one the best way to get enough omega 3. However, if you don’t eat enough this kind of food, it could be a good option for you to take it as a supplement to reinforce your health.



Probiotics are yeasts and live bacteria known for its health benefits. They are often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria, thanks to the digestive support they do. Those bacteria help the body to produce vitamin B12, butyrate and vitamin K and create enzymes that destroy harmful bacteria.

The best source of probiotics is the yogurt that is made from milk and has been fermented by friendly bacteria, mainly lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacterial.

Again, if you are not sure to have enough probiotics from natural food, you could have probiotics as a supplement, which can be one of the best for your health to have a healthy digestive system.


Vitamin C:

Found in a various food and sold as a dietary supplement, vitamin C is used to prevent and treat scurvy. It’s a rare disease which can be very harmful for your health.

So Vitamin C is required for the functioning of several enzymes and is important for immune system function. This Vitamin can be found naturally in fruits and vegetables, especially in oranges and other citrus fruits.

For adults, the recommended daily amount for vitamin C is 65 to 90 milligrams a day. Caution, megadose of vitamin C supplements might cause diarrhea and nausea.

If you have a healthy lifestyle and eat enough fruits and vegetables, you might not need to take Vitamin C as a supplement.


Vitamin B:

Vitamin B is a group of 8 vitamins that play an essential role. They are necessary for the good maintenance of the skin, the humanitarian and nervous systems, and the cellular renewal.

For most people, the need of vitamin B is covered by a varied alimentation (fruits, vegetables, meat and milk products) except the B12 covered by an animal alimentation. Vegetarians and vegans could have lack of B12.

Thus, it can be important to use this best supplement to maintain a good health.



The iron is an oligo-element. Therefore, it is present in the hemoglobin of the red blood cells that carry oxygen to all cells. It’s also presents in myoglobin, a substance similar to hemoglobin, which helps muscles store oxygen.

Iron is essential for the production of adenosine triphosphate, the primary source of body energy.

The lack of iron (called anemia) is one of the most widespread deficiencies in the world. We can find iron in the most food products like meat, vegetables, fish…

Because, this mineral – as seen – is very important for your health, it could be a good option to do a health check-up to see if you have enough. If not, medical services could recommend you take it as a pill.

This is one of the best supplements for your health.



For some people, it might be difficult to have all these minerals and vitamins that we’ve seen. That’s why it’s important to sometimes do a health check-up to validate that everything is ok. Then if you are not sure you can have some of these supplements for a better health.

Now you know what the best supplements are and how to avoid these deficiencies. We hope you will take this into account toward a better healthy future for yourself.



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