The Best Health Benefits on Stop Eating Sugar


First of all, we’d just like to mention that this post will not talk about the looking good effects and the physical appearance. As for us, health is more important than having a nice body, showing abs or bikini on the beach. But for sure, stop eating sugar will also help you to have a better shape.

However, our main goal is to make people aware of how it can be beneficial for their health for cutting down on sugar.

We agree that It can be hard for some people to stop eating sugar at all. Nonetheless, reducing and eating the amount which is recommended will at least make you definitely healthier.


So, what’s sugar?

Before talking about the best health benefits on stop eating sugar, let’s talk briefly about what is sugar. Especially refined sugar.

Refined sugar is crap, we all know it. Then, some people love it or without noticing are just addicted to it. It’s actually not their fault as it’s just a drug like any other. Cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, caffeine, sugar…

Sugar could be just the worst and most dangerous drug in the world. With this sociable and happiness short effects and all other associations of why kids and adults love it.

Sugar can look cool like Ronald in MacDonald, and you can get it everywhere for cheap or for even nothing. (For instance, you can find 5 doughnuts for 25cents in the UK). Plus, our “kind world”, with all its ads, is pushing you to consume more and more of it.

As we don’t want to enter too much on the negative effects caused by sugar. We’ll recommend you to do the research for it by yourself as we want to talk on the opposite. So, let’s talk about the health benefits of stop eating sugar.

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Your blood levels will be at the right levels

Firstly, consuming too much sugar could be the cause of high-pressure cholesterol and diabetes as it’s shown by the study of WebMD (that you can find in sources).

Once you stop eating sugar all these highly dangerous levels will drop. Because you stop eating sugar, you’ll less likely to have diabetes. Which is directly caused by the amount of sugar in your blood.

Your LDL Cholesterol (the bad one) will drop along with your triglycerides level. You could be able to reduce these by 30% when you stop eating sugar. For instance, you can go to do a blood test and do it again a month after to compare results and put a big smile on your face.

Eating sugar can lead to obesity, which can lead directly to hypertension.

In addition, some studies have shown that the increase in salt intake tends to lead to an increase in sugar intake. Leading to a twice effect on your blood pressure.

To resume, once you stop eating sugar you are less likely to have diseases cause from it.

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Improvements in Cardiac Health

Eating sugar could rise up your hypertension as said before, which can be harmful to your heartbeat and cause some issues to your heart. By stop eating sugar you will reduce the tension and have a healthier heart.

Consumption of sugar can also increase inflammation which can lead to tough condition for your heart.


Rest better and sleep easier

If you have trouble to fall asleep, it can be due to intake of one of these nutrients: caffeine, nicotine or sugar. Obviously, it might not be the obvious reason. However, you can check what you’ve eaten before sleeping.

Indeed, because of the stimulating effects that sugar can bring you, it can make your brain up instead of resting. For instance, if you stop eating sugar like cutting caffeine after 4 pm you’ll be more likely to sleep peacefully at 10 pm the night coming.

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Level of Insulin

Moreover, burning fats and being able to lean will be one of the other health benefits on stop eating sugar. Thanks to your level of insulin which are getting low. Nonetheless, that’s not the most important. But, as said before, diabetes is induced by the rise in the sugar level, which cause the insulin to spike up too.

So, by keeping your level of insulin low you will feel better with yourself in every term.

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You need less sugar

Once you stop and you manage a period with less sugar, the sugar in your blood will decrease, and you won’t feel the craving of it, that actually accusing in your mind and your body usually.

Moreover, like any drug that tricks your mind. Think about caffeine for instance. Try to stop this and you will see how it will be hard the first days. And after a few days, you will say that’s actually easier to get rid of, and you will be good to be free of it.

For sure at the beginning, like any other drugs once you stop for the first days and weeks you will really need it, but once past this long period, you will feel lighter and not think about it anymore.

Read more about what is going to happen and get to the maintenance mode as well explained in the Well and Good’s article (in sources).

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You will feel better

Eating too much sugar (like having too much coffee) can make you feel tense which can lead to bad mood and not notice behaviour.

Remember that sugar is a stimulant?

People who are eating a lot of sugar can have various behaviour which is not seen. They can change their mood easily as it’s often the case with stimulant. So, feeling good and appease is one of the other health benefits on stop eating sugar.

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Improve your energy level

As you might think, sugar can help you to feel more energised because it’s a stimulant, but it can also be the contrary. Indeed, sugar can give you a short burst of energy, but it won’t last, and once your blood level will drop, you’ll feel tired.

As the same with any other drug, in the long term you are more likely to feel tired all day long and all weeks, which can lead to a tiring life.

By stop eating sugar you can make your level of blood sugar rising up enough and keep feeling good all day long.

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Less headache and migraine

Because of the spike occurring once your blood sugar level goes up when you are eating too much sugary stuff, it can cause yourself a migraine. It might be not the reason of all the headaches and migraines but, for sure it’s one of them cause sugar rises to your head and it can be a trigger to cause it in your brain.

Read more about how sugar can cause migraine in the article from AgainMigraine into the sources.


Cut or reduce anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are ones of the highest rate problems the world currently occurred. In fact, many people suffer from anxiety and depression when they don’t take pills to fight these diseases.

Then, when you eat sugar as said before it will rise up all your blood levels. Which can pike a good mood but once you’ve finished eating your sugary stuff, it can make you feel worse? By doing the yo-yo with your mood, it could lead to further bad mood temperaments. Which can lead to depression then?

A study has demonstrated that men who eat more than the recommended daily sugar amount have 23 per cent increased risk of developing a mental disorder. Also, men and women are most turning to be depressed because of their consumption of sugar.

So, even if you think that will make you feel better to eat these doughnuts (in the short term), it will actually make you feel bad in the long term.

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Fewer urinary tract infections

The urinary infection could often occur to many women (even men nowadays). And it can be a real pain in the ass.

Eating sugar is not necessarily the cause of Urinary infection, but it sets the basis that can be likely to occur more, because of the battery he is putting in your body.

The bacteria which is caused by the infection can overgrowth because they feed themselves up with sugar. So, by cutting back on sugar, you’ll less likely to have a urinary infection.

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Cut or reduce period cramps

Menstrual cramps are more likely to occur to high sugar eater. In fact, blood sugar is like a roller coaster when this one is coming. Consuming sugar is like adding fuel to the fire. Like a poison, sugar could lead to toxicity so inflammation.

Are you one of them which feel a terrible pain once this is coming? So, try to cut back on sugar and see the next month how you feel.

Discover more about this fact in your sources (Furtherfood).


Think clearer

A recent UCLA study shew that sugar has a negative effect on brain memory. So, if you are a goldfish that can be the cause. So, by stopping eating sugar you could have more brainpower and remember things as what you ate during the last dinner. It could also help you to think more clearly.

Less sugar will help you to have your brain out of the fog, so be more ease to creativity from a clearer mind. Read more about this on the Forbes’ article. By the way, some snacks will allow you to replace sugar.

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You will taste thing differently

Finally, as your palate is used to sugar, if you reduce or cut it you will recognise the different taste and appreciate foods more than before. Eating an apple could be like eating a Toblerone.

Is that not fantastic to finish?



Finally, yes, you will have what most people are looking for beyond health. The physique which will go with. To have a nice physical appearance of course you all need to go to the gym or do an activity which will create toned muscle.

You could probably get the abs and other physical health benefits on stop eating sugar, but it can be the narcissistic part. We just wanted to finish that it will help you to feel better and healthier. So, at the same time to prevent diseases related to sugar like cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer and obesity. Which are the most important killers in our world?

Hopefully, now you understand what sugar is really.



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My name is Romain Gherardi, founder of Pret-a-Train and Newairz. Author and expert in fitness and health. I write and share my passions in order to help you have a better and healthier life.

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