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Simple Tips to Stop Phone Addiction

Almost everyone has a phone today. And even from a very young age. Although they are very useful, we have created a real dependence on them. It has even become an obsession to look at your phone when you wouldn’t need it at all.

This has become a reflex. So, maybe you should listen to your parents when they tell you to put it away when you are at the table. This must probably also affect your anxiety and may have many other negative aspects about your health.

That’s why we give you these few tips to stop phone addiction. And try to free yourself from the influence of your little buzzing device.


Turn off notifications

To avoid being distracted at any time of the day, we advise you to not allow notifications.

You don’t necessarily need to know right away that something new has come or that you have received a “like”. You can keep only notifications for mails and messages for instance.

In addition to check each notification, you can easily end up staying much longer on internet or social networks. We therefore advise you go to the settings, then to notifications and manage all this by yourself. Choose your preferences and clean up the mess.


Take distracting apps off of your home screen

Then, it’s important to know that a lot of ‘phone usage is unconscious behaviour’. That is, when you use one application and see others. You have many chances to click on its whenever nothing happens there.

So, it may be a good idea to delete or move the app that distract you the most from your home screen. Keep only those that are really necessary or that you want to encourage yourself to use.


Move away your phone from your bed

You probably use your phone just before going to sleep and it’s also probably the first thing that you look when you get up. You should avoid keeping this habit to stop phone addiction. Instead, you can use a real alarm clock and not your phone.

So, keep your phone away from your bed before going to bed. Like that you won’t be disturbed.


Set up phone-free periods every day

You probably don’t need your phone when you take a shower, eat or watch TV. In fact, when you do something, you don’t really need your phone. In this way, you can try to set phone-free periods during the day.

To help you, you can put it into the airplane mode for instance to not receive all the notifications and be tempted to turn it on and watch it. It will also allow you to be more productive at work for example.

“You control your phone, not the opposite”



So, as we all know, using the phone all day long is not necessarily good for your health. That’s why you can use these simple tips to reduce your phone time consumption.

Indeed, whether it’s to cut notifications or distracting apps, to move away your phone from your bed or also set-up phone-free periods. There will all help you to stop phone addiction.

And finally, if you have any other addiction, you can read this article to help you as well.


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