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Several Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Would it be good for you to have some concise advices on how to lose weight fast? You probably thinking about preparing yourself for the summer?

If you want to lose an inch or two on your waist, this article is made for you. 

As you should know, there are a lot of different programmes on the web. There could be difficult or a bit too much complicated, that’s why we will give you some good advices to achieve your fitness goals. 

However, you have to know that it could be difficult to follow the routine, so, you need determination and to be motivated as well. 

It’s important to follow these steps if you really want to lose weight fast and see progress.

So, get comfortable from now and start the learning process.


1st way to lose weight fast: Reduce eating carbs and sugar 

First of all, it’s important that you begin with this step. Reducing eating sugars, bad fats and carbs is the most essential thing to lose weight fast. 

When you get into any activities, your body will start to burn calories. So, if you limit calories when you eat, after a certain moment when you will not have a lot, your body will start to burn the fats below. 

At the beginning, it could be difficult for you to reduce in one go your consumption and it’s possible that you feel hungry. But, when you will take this habit to not eating too much sugar and at the same time less calories, your hunger levels will low. From this moment, you will start to lose weight.

Prefer eating food with fibres to well be fill up and do not feel too rapidly the hunger. Apples or any vegetables can be your best friend for that. 

Here you have a selection of our favourite healthy snacks to help you.

Likewise, your insulin level will be lower if you cut on rapid digest carbs, that will reduce your unnecessary water weight as well.

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2nd way to lose weight fast: Change your meal for vegetables, proteins…

Then in addition of the first part, changing your meal could be a great thing to lose weight faster of course. 

When you prepare your meal, it’s important to mix these nutrients and not only eat the same things. The best option will be to add vegetables, proteins and to cook with different oil than the normal one. You can try olive or coconut oil for example. Try not to heat it too much as it can become trans-fat (the very bad one fat).

You know that vegetables are healthy, and proteins and fats are used as fuel when the body needs energy. So, there are complementary to each other in a meal. 

It certainly will be hard to change your meal overnight. So, start slowly to make some change on your habit step by step. For instance, you could keep eating what you eat usually but try to reduce the amount of oil which can be high in calories and not fill up your appetite.  

If you want ideas of low-carb vegetables but generous in nutrients and fibres, you have broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce and others here.

Match them with proteins, meats, fish, eggs and seafood go well with. 

So, make some eat-well plates. You’ll see that you will only notice progress after few weeks.

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3rd way to lose weight fast: Get some exercises

Then, you can lose weight only with changing your diet. But it will be faster if you exercise yourself as well. If you don’t do exercises, you could find yourself flumpy. So, get some toned up muscles and that will help to lose weight faster and be healthy and fit in the same time.  

Once you are ready, you have two options: cardio and workout. A great option will be to go in a gym club to reinforce your body and your metabolism. 

If you choose cardiovascular activities, you can do running, swimming, cycling… Walk instead of taking transports or other aerobic activities for example. 

Simple as that, doing some 5-10K steps per day could help you to reduce your waist as well.

The other option is working out and lifting weight. The higher difference is that you will gain muscle mass and that could replace fat.

If you never been there before, it’s preferable to ask to an expert or a Personal trainer. He will tell you what is better to meet your goals and the exercises you will have to do.  

Making this choice involve a steady routine with a good motivation to do not miss a session. The better is to go every two or three days to keep a rhythm and a routine. 

Find a great simple tip here to have a gym routine.

When you match exercising with healthy food, you will burn more calories and lose weight faster.

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lose weight and fat men run

You can have a “cheat meal”

The objective for you is really to achieve your goals and at the same time to do not give up until you succeed. So, we have seen that you need to take some moves step by step. 

“When you are tired, learn to rest but not to quit.”

If you follow us from here and you do exercising plus eating healthy food. 


First, we can tell you that you could be proud of yourself. After the efforts, so the reward. Have a cheat meal like anything you want. 

Of course, it will be better to eat pasta instead of fast food still. But anyway, reward yourself with a cheat meal to keep track on your goals and not be too much frustrated. 

At the end of the week what will make you lose weight fast is to have burn more calories that you have consumed.



As you see, to lose weight, following these ways can definitely help you to reduce your waist, feel better and healthier as well.

Starting by reducing sugar and bad fats, then changing your meals to healthy ones can help you to lose waist fast. Afterward, matching these two things with exercises will allow you to get muscles, accelerating your metabolism to keep lean. 

Finally, you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight fast like we said above with your “cheat meal” for example. Rewarding yourself is of course an important part of the process. 

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