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How to Increase your Testosterone Naturally?

Increasing your testosterones levels will not only help yourself in your personal life or just in your sex drive.

Indeed, it was shown that having low levels of testosterone could likely increase obesity and at the same time diseases risks and even premature death.

That’s why it’s important to increase the levels of your sexual hormones to continue being healthy in a good shape for a long lifespan.

Moreover, you must know that testosterones levels are decreasing from the age of 25-30 with men. Therefore, you can try to keep and increase your testosterone naturally with these different ways.

Plus, it may be a good idea to increase your testosterone naturally because of all the benefits of this male hormone which can lead to boost your confidence, build muscles and having a better sex drive.

To note: Testosterone is a main male hormone, but woman has a bit of it as well. These ways to increase your testosterone levels could also help to increase the female sex hormone: Estrogen.


Decrease your stress and cortisol levels

Besides of not being helpful, stress is not good for your health. It can also increase the cortisol levels which will decrease the testosterones one.

Indeed, these two hormones work in the opposed manner: when one is increasing, the other is decreasing, like it is shown here.

Furthermore, you should try to decrease your stress because when you have high level of stress, it increases the food intake and the weight gain. That’s the reason why we’re always snacking when we’re stressed.

TIP: If you’re in a stressed period because of work for instance, we recommend you to prefer eating some healthy snacks to not gain too much weight.

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Eat protein, carbs and fat

Increase your Testosterone Naturally nuts

Like for all hormones levels, what you eat will impact the testosterone one. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your meals and long-term calorie intake.

Plus, overeating and dieting can disrupt your testosterone levels. In contrary, some people do intermittent fasting to boost their human growth hormone which has a positive relation with testosterone. However, we need further study to make it as a fact.

Eating enough protein will help yourself to maintain healthy levels and to lose fats and weight, which is also associated to your testosterone.

Then, carbs and good fats can optimise testosterone levels during exercises.

TIP: Don’t overeat and don’t restrict yourself too much for long time. Try to mix your meals with the right portion of carbs, proteins and good fats.

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Do some exercises and lift weights

Increase your Testosterone Naturally weight

Exercising yourself and lifting weights can be one of the best way to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

This study proved that persons who are practising regularly exercises or sports have higher testosterones levels.

And besides to boost your testosterones, exercises boost your metabolism which is more efficient than a weight loss diet.

Another type of exercises really efficient for the testosterone levels is the high-intensity interval training or sports which can increase your cardio as well.

TIP: Having a sport routine is the best way to increase the levels of your testosterone. So, if you don’t practise any sports, try to start now and you’ll feel better with yourself!

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Take vitamins or get some sun

Increase your Testosterone Naturally salmon

Nowadays, the vitamin D is one of the most popular because of its various health benefits like the testosterone naturally booster for instance.

Getting some sun can have the same effects that the vitamin D which is proved to boost your testosterone by 25% if you get enough of it.

Your sperm quality will also be improved by vitamin B and zinc. Furthermore, vitamins A, C and E are playing a role in your testosterone levels as well.

TIP: Add more vitamins in your meals but especially zinc and vitamins D, which are contained in fished, seeds or also nuts (healthy foods to lose weight). They will enable you to be more active and motivated at the same time.

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Sleep well and enough

Sleeping well and enough is also important as diets and exercises. It can have major effects on your testosterones levels as well.

The perfect amount of sleep change for all the persons but try to sleep between 7 and 9 hours because it the period of recommended time for adults.

It was shown that persons that sleep only few hours per night had deficient levels of testosterones.

So finally, just to sleep enough will enable you to increase your testosterone naturally. Your partner will be the happy one then.

TIP: Try to go to bed before midnight because this sleep will be better and more regenerator for yourself.

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Avoid toxic products, laugh and be healthy

Increase your Testosterone Naturally laugh

There are some final other options to increase your testosterone and something to pay attention to.

First your sex hormone and testosterone levels will be better with a healthy sex life. The more you do, the best it will increase. Again, it will be all about consistency.

Then try to pay attention to your exposition to BPA (bisphenol A) and oestrogen-like compounds which are chemicals that can be contained in many commercial products.

Moreover, you should know that alcohol, drugs or also cigarettes can decrease your male hormone levels.

In contrast, laughter and happiness may help you to boost your health and testosterones levels. So never stop laughing. Plus, it can help to work on your abs.

Finally, just having a healthy lifestyle will enable you to increase your testosterone levels naturally all your life!

TIP: Try to reduce your consumption on alcohol as much as possible even if having just a glass of red wine could have benefits for your health. Cigarettes and drugs are really not advised for a healthy sex life.

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Increasing your testosterones levels could have great benefits for you and your lifestyle.

It works in both ways, on the one hand a healthy lifestyle will increase your testosterone naturally, and on the other hand having high testosterones levels will enable you to be more sexually active and confident with yourself.

So, you saw different natural ways to increase your testosterones levels like eating proteins, carbs and good fats. Having enough and good sleep. Doing some exercises. Trying to be relax as much as possible, and finally having a healthy lifestyle is the best way to increase your totem hormone.

Now that you know how to increase your hormone related to sex drive. You can also read our article about the food to be better in bed! Then they might call you Superman.

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