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How to Get Less Sick and Strengthen your Immune System?

Throughout the year, we struggle to not getting sick. Wherever you can be, whoever you can be with, whatever the weather is, this is hard to maintain a good health and strengthen your immune system. Therefore, if you want to avoid falling sick, follow these few simple habits.


Protect your health with alimentation and exercise

Eat healthy

Alimentation is the core of your health. However, it doesn’t mean you can eat everything you want.

Junk-food, ready-cooked dishes or processed food must be avoided. Indeed, they bring to your body nothing good but an excess of calorie that may increase the possibility of getting sick.

Eating healthy allows to stimulate your immune system and thus to fight better different diseases. We recommend you a healthy alimentation which must be composed by fruits and vegetables. They are full of antioxidants that are powerful against germs. Moreover, they contain many vitamins such vitamin D, C, E and magnesium, essential to give strength to your immune system. Indeed, eat citrus fruits, pineapples, berries, broccolis, mushrooms… Besides fruits and vegetables, you need to eat protein which produce antibodies for your immune system. They are mostly in meat, eggs, fishes, nuts…

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Drink a lot of water

For the maintain of your body, you have to drink and being hydrated all time. As there are between 60-70% of water in our body. Thus very important to drink enough water to refill it.

Water brings many health benefits helping the proper functioning of your body as well as slowing down the entry of germs and infections in your temple. We recommend you drink at least 1,5L of water per day, meaning 8 glasses.

Furthermore, even if you are not thirsty, you need to drink water all day long. Drinking water is essential but drinking green tea is a good alternative as well.

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Be active

A physical activity is a major way to maintain a good health and to strengthen your immune system.

It helps to prevent a variety of diseases. Indeed, when you put your body in an active position, you get your heart, your blood, your cell moving. That helps to stimulate and develop your immune system and brings you not only physical benefits but also mental benefits.

You can exercise by running, doing muscular exercises or you can do outdoor activities that make you move. Any sport or activity will make you stronger and strengthen your immune system.

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Protect your health with good lifestyle habits

Handle stress

You might wonder why is stress’ mater doing in an article dealing with sickness and immune system, but stress is an important factor for your good or bad health.

Given that stress disrupts your mental health and your hormonal balance, it affects and weakens by the way your immune system and its abilities to fight infections and diseases.

Therefore, it might be a good option for you to reduce stress with meditation, exercises or any other relaxing activities and you will see your immune system being strengthened little by little.

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Have a restorative sleep

A lack of sleep can have negative consequences for your health and immune system. It prevents your body to be regenerated which means your immune system will be weaker and will defend itself less good against germs and diseases. It is also known that a lack of sleep provokes anxiety and stress. Therefore, it is essential to sleep from 7 to 9 hours every night, but everyone has its own sleep rhythm.

If you didn’t sleep enough during the night, you can take a nap. Indeed, it is also very good to allow your body to be regenerated.

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Get some fresh air

It is strongly recommended to get some fresh air. Don’t hesitate to open your windows every morning and every evening to let the fresh air coming into your home because indoor air is often contaminated.

Take a breath of fresh air by opening your windows or take time to go outside, picnicking, walking, hiking, running…

Choose to go to the nature on the weekend to runaway from pollution.


And last but certainly not least, have good hygiene

When we tackle sickness and immune system, it seems pretty logic to highlight good hygiene. Nonetheless, let’s see the main tips about that.

It’s highly important to wash your hand with soap and water at least for 30 seconds. This is the major key to avoid having infections. You must stop touching your face or your eyes because germs could enter in your organism. Moreover, wash and clean regularly every surfaces and objects you touch often. Therefore, you will protect and strengthen your immune system.



To conclude, trying not to get sick is a major challenge.

The key is to understand your whole organism and how it works. Your immune system is a wonderful function inside your body that defends and protects your organism from any germs and infections. That’s why, it needs to have a proper functioning to ensure you a good health because when your immune system functions well, no infections or germs can enter inside yourself.

Then, your alimentation, physical activity, sleep, mental health, hygiene are the keys to ensure you a good health.

From now on, you have all the solutions to protect your health from any diseases. Then, you might call yourself superman or wonder woman!


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