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How Often Should You Shower for Your Health?

A shower can represent the beginning or the end of your day depending on when you have it. It’s part of your daily routine. But you’ve probably already heard that it’s not necessarily good for your skin and your health to shower too often.

That’s why we’ll give you some advices about how often should you shower for the best benefits of your health. Obviously, it will depend on several things.


Your skin

Firstly, the number of showers you need will depend on your skin. Indeed, if you have oily skin, we recommend you to wash yourself once a day, but no more.

For those with dry or sensitive skin, it’s better to have no more than one shower every two days. It’s also preferable to use a mild soap that won’t attack your skin too much.

Finally, of course, when you exercise, it’s normal and good to have a shower for your hygiene. But we really advise you to not take more than one each day.

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Your activity levels

Then, as we said above, the frequency you need to shower is obviously related to your physical activities.

After doing sport or exercises, having a shower is the right thing to do. Even if there are more and more products that could avoid you from having a shower like deodorant. Showering yourself stay the best solution obviously.

In fact, when you practise any sport, you’ll sweat and there will be an accumulation of oil and bacterias. This could be bad for your skin and your health as well.

By the way, spots can emerge if you’re not having this shower after sports.

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Effects of shower on your body

On one hand, as we said, the frequency of your showers has to depend on your skin and your activity levels.

Moreover, showering yourself too much will have some negative effects on your skin. It’s important to know that your skin contains a thin layer of sebum on it. The sebum  protects your skin. But by having a shower too often, you will damage it.

Indeed, when this layer starts to disappear, you’ll have a drier skin which can even develop eczema. And without the sebum, you’ll also have more chance to contract bacteria and some illness.

This is the case for your hair as well. When you wash them too often, they’ll eventually become drier.

On the other hand, to not showering yourself enough will also impact the quality of your skin. For instance, when you don’t wash it enough, you’ll start to have blackheads and acne. You’ll also have a much greasier face.

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So, how often should you shower?

The answer to this question will depend on your skin and your activity levels. If you have a dry skin, we advise you to have a shower 2 or 3 times a week.

Then, if you did any physical activities, it’s important to showering yourself just after to remove the moistures. You can also have one when you feel your skin too much oily.

And finally, when you’re watering yourself it’s preferable to use warm and not overly hot water to not strip your skin of natural oils. Try to keep your shower shorts and don’t scrub too hard as well.


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