How Much Water Should you Drink a Day and Why

Water is essential for our living as our body is made up with 60 to 70% of it.

Thus, we need water to be constantly hydrated. Water also help to digest and can prevent from illness like constipation.
Water could also lower the risk of kidney and bladder infections.


So how much of water should you drink a day ?

There is no obvious answer to this question. As everyone is different, with different body, bones, molecules and genes. Nonetheless the recommandation is between 2 and 3 litres per day.

One sure thing is that you need 1 litre everyday at the very minimum.

Then, there is an easy strategy to see if you drink enough water. Just check the colour of your urine when you pee. If your pee is dark that means you need to drink really more water.

You have to know that peeing a lot of time during the day is actually healthy.

As water flush your body and can remove the waste into. Thus, water makes our body clean inside. When sugary drink doesn’t of course.

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Our Takeaway

Our recommandation is to make sure that you have a flask of water to bring with you daily. That’s the best thing to do, to make sure you drink enough water everyday.

Prefer to drink water from your own flask than from plastic bottle. As it can be healthier and protect the environment as well.

Then, having one glass of water as soon as you wake up is great to wake your body up and rehydrated it from the night before. Adding lemon to it can have great health benefits as well.

Also, having some glasses during meals will help for the digestion of the aliments.

To finish, make sure you drink when you are thirsty and even before feeling the thirst. And if you do a lot of sport. Just drink more as you’re more prone to dehydrated yourself. Easy as this.

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