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6 Healthy Ways to Cope with the Heatwave

Heatwave commonly refers to temperatures that exceed 30 degrees during the day and above 20 degrees the night.

Heatwave is sometimes difficult to cope with. During these periods, daily life can become very exhausting and sweaty! Difficulties can appear whether at the office, at home, outside as well as during the day or during the night. We can hardly do things correctly. We can’t concentrate during the day and can’t sleep during the night. Heat can hugely disrupt our body. In fact, our body no longer know how to manage heat! Indeed, it isn’t generally prepared for those high temperatures.

Nonetheless, there are ways to manage heat. So if you’re struggling too much against high temperatures, have a look to 6 healthy ways to cope with the heatwave.


Drink much water

6 healthy ways to cope with heatwave water

It may be the most obvious healthy ways to cope with the heatwave. But water is definitively the best ally against the heatwave.

Then, drink water as much as possible during the day even though you’re not thirsty. it’s advised to drink more than 1,5L of water a day. But when temperatures are rocketing, drink water a lot more!

It’s essential to have a bottle of water along your journey, at your office, outside, for every event, and everywhere you go.

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Eat cold and light

When the weather is hot, it’s best to have a cold and light diet. So, enjoy delicious cold meals including salads, sandwiches, fruits, no-cooked cakes…

Plus, don’t hesitate to eat foods that can contain much water such as certain fruits and vegetables (melon, watermelon, cucumber, strawberry, pineapple…). You can also enjoy all their good nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants

Plus in that case, it makes you avoiding preparing hot meals that could increase the hot temperature in the room and for your body.

Moreover, eating light is one of the healthy tips to cope with the heatwave. Eating too much doesn’t help your body manage with heat. Indeed, eat foods that require less effort to digest because digestion may increase body heat.

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Switch off heat-producing appliances

Concerning heat management, it’s important to keep your home fresh and cold.

Switch off appliances that can generate a lot of heat and sometimes in an unnecessarily way such as coffee machines, computing appliances, etc. It can really make the temperature of your home high even when they’re turned off.

You may need to use these appliances. So, it’s generally better to do this tip before going to bed.


Refresh rooms

One of the best healthy ways to cope with heatwave is to refresh rooms. In this way, you can really manage heat. In fact, it’s difficult to live in a hot environment.

In the morning and evening, open your windows so that the fresh air can come into your house. During the day, keep your doors, windows, blinds, and shutters shut when the temperature outside exceeds the one inside. Moreover, you can install fans in your rooms as much as possible.

A little tip to get even more fresh air is to put a bowl of ice or a bottle of ice water in front of the fan.


Dress cool

6 healthy ways to cope with heatwave dress cool

Another healthy tip to cope with heatwave is to dress cool. Indeed, high temperatures don’t mean that you have to wear almost nothing.

Adopt loose, light-colored clothes that cover the skin. Light colors attract less heat so you may manage better high temperatures.

Moreover, choose cotton that allows the natural evaporation of sweat contrary to synthetics which don’t absorb moisture.


Take cold showers

6 healthy ways to cope with the heatwave take cold showers

Taking cold showers is always a good idea to cope with the heatwave. Indeed, cold water can refresh you all over your body. Besides, you can regularly refresh yourself by wetting your neck, face, arms, backs, forehead with wet glove or mist.

If you’re suffering too much from the heat, apply an ice cube bag on your neck because it’s the most heat-sensitive area. In this way, you can easily lower the temperatures perceived by your body.

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Heatwaves can represent sometimes a difficult struggle to manage for our body. It’s totally normal because our body is brutally disrupted by high temperatures. His only way to respond to heat is by sweating.

Nonetheless, it exists several healthy ways to cope with the heatwave. Water is probably the first way we think of. Indeed, refresh your body by cold and freshwater, take cold showers and most importantly, drink much water (even if you aren’t thirsty!). Moreover, light and cold diet is also one of the best healthy ways to cope with the heatwave. Finally, your home is an important factor to cope with stress. Switch off any heat-producing appliances (when you aren’t using them), and refresh rooms with different means.

You’re now all the key to spend good days and nights when heatwave periods occur!


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