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7 Healthy Foods Containing Good Fats

Fat represents an important part of your diet. They are essential to ensure the proper functioning of your body. It’s also necessary to distinguish between good and bad fats.

‘Good’ fats, also known as the unsaturated fats are very important for your health. They have several health benefits including the prevention of heart diseases and cancer as well as the protection of the brain, bones, cells health, and many other ones.

So which foods containing good fats are good for you?

Let’s see 7 healthy foods containing good fats.



One of the best healthy foods containing good fats is certainly avocado. It contains unsaturated fats that can really have a positive impact on cholesterol. Avocado provides you with vitamin K in great quantity. This vitamin is particularly beneficial in blood health by preventing blood clot and excessive bleeding and also in bones and cells health. This green fruit can also prevent cardiovascular diseases thanks to its inflammatory properties. We can’t help forgetting many other nutrients such as vitamins B, minerals and fibres.

Avocado can be used in a thousand ways whether in a salad, in the traditional guacamole, or in a sandwich.


Olive oil

Olive oil is the ultimate best oil. In fact, it’s very well-known for its many health properties such as lower blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce risk of cancer. Thanks to its monounsaturated fatty acids rich in omega-3 and omega-6, olive oil isn’t a food to skip in your meals. Does not only olive oil improve your health but also protects you from ageing within high content of antioxidants.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to use olive oil regularly by sparingly one tablespoon in your salads.

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Fatty fish

7 healthy foods containing good fats fatty fish

Fatty fish is an excellent source of good fats as it contains unsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients protect cardiovascular health. Rich in vitamins B and d, fatty fish plays an important role in the prevention of cancers, depression, stress and the protection of bone and tooth health.

It’s recommended to eat 2 servings of fatty fish each week. Tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon, trout, herring are your best allies.

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Like many other seeds, flaxseeds are one of the best healthy foods containing good fats. In fact, they great sources of omega-3 and vitamins B, C, E and K. They have thus a great role in cholesterol problems. Flaxseeds can thus lower bad cholesterol and increase the good one.

These seeds provide your health antioxidants, fibres, protein and minerals including iron and calcium.

Enjoy these flaxseeds by adding in smoothies (as we already discussed the top best healthy smoothie recipes), yoghurts, cereals or in pastries to offer your health many benefits.



7 Healthy Foods Containing Good Fats nuts

Nuts are among one of the best healthy foods containing good fats. They are rich in good fats (omega-3), protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All these nutrients have a good effect on your heart health and in preventing diabetes. They can play a significant role in weight loss. Nuts are rich in vitamin E which strengthen the immune system.

Finally, nuts are very easy to integrate into your favourite meals whether in salads, cereals or as a simple snack.

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Another healthy food with good fat content in eggs. They mostly contain omega-3 and offer many health benefits. In addition to omega-3, eggs contain vitamin B and D, very reputable for their protection of brain, cells and muscle health.

We can recommend egg yolk which is healthier in your daily meals.

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7 healthy foods containing good fats almond

Finally, almonds are healthy foods containing good fats. And for a good reason, they are a great source of omega-3. They have a huge container of minerals including calcium and magnesium. Almonds can, therefore, protect you against heart diseases. They can also contribute to satiety and thus in weight loss as well as ensure the proper functioning of your transit.



Fat is too often considered bad. But ‘good’ fat is to favour in your daily meals. They are the key to ensure your good health and the proper functioning of your body.

The best healthy foods containing good fats are thus avocado, nuts, almonds, eggs, flaxseeds, fatty fish and olive oil. They all have a significant role in preventing your health from heart diseases and cancer. They protect your form ageing. And have a key role in improving your brain, cells, skin health.

Don’t hesitate to use and integrate all these foods in your favourite meals to provide your health essential nutrients.



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