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5 Health Benefits of Talking to Yourself

At home or on the street, do you often find yourself talking to yourself?

You may think it’s completely crazy, ridiculous or embarrassing. As a matter of fact, speaking aloud is related to schizophrenia or various mental disorders, but it regards the extreme part of this practice. However, when you talk to yourself at some moment of your day, by making your ideas or your problems clearer, or else, this practice is particularly healthy.

So, don’t be afraid, it shows a sign of intelligence and personal development. It develops and improves your mental and cognitive health.

Then, if you’re interested in these benefits. Have a look at 5 health benefits of talking to yourself.


It helps your brain to work more efficiently

Your brain can largely work more efficiently thanks to the power of talking to yourself. Indeed, numerous studies showed that people who tend to talk aloud to themselves have seen their brain’s capacities increased.

Your brain will be working more efficiently, and this benefit regards every aspect of it. Intelligence, memory, perception, thinking among the most important.

It’s explained by the fact that your brain has clearer ideas of the situation. It helps you find solutions or answers to your problems more quickly.

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It helps you reduce stress and anxiety

5 healthy benefits of talking to yourself stress and anxiety

One of the best health benefits of talking to yourself is to reduce stress and anxiety.

Suddenly, you face a difficult situation in which you don’t know how to overcome it. Talking to yourself can be the solution.

In fact, talking alone can allow you to think more clearly and reorganize your daily problems more effectively. The more you talk to yourself, the less nervous and shame you feel. And you considerably diminish ruminative or pessimistic thoughts. Talking aloud to yourself is a way to handle and control your feelings.

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It helps you organize your thoughts

You may have a ton of thoughts that are spinning wildly in your mind. It can bother your day because you’re too much busy with these thoughts that are interfering your well-being.

The key is to talk aloud to yourself. You probably talk to yourself already. And you may have seen the great benefit in order to organize your thoughts.

It’s simple: talking aloud to yourself helps you to express verbally and easily all your thoughts. But most of all, it allows you to clarify your thoughts and perceive which one is important, what you need to do, what decisions you have to take.


It helps you achieve your goals

One of the best health benefits of talking to yourself is to achieve your goals.

This benefit is very simple. In fact, hearing that you’re going to do something, encourages you to act. And to succeed in the end. You visualize your goals and make them real. Then, you have all your attention on them. You can’t escape their possible realization.

It can concern the smallest tasks like going to the grocery or the biggest like preparing an important professional project. By this way, you can assure a happier and longer life in the long term.


It helps you be motivated

5 healthy benefits of talking to yourself

Similarly, talking aloud to yourself helps you be motivated. Indeed, you’re better to make your dreams come true and your ideas come true. Talking alone motivates you and allow you to propel yourself towards success.

If you talk to yourself to solve a problem, you’ll automatically send yourself a clear message: words of support, determination, self-esteem. Without realizing it, you’ll encourage yourself to move forward and do what you have to do.



Talking to yourself is a behaviour that some people do daily. They can be called crazy or stupid. Or else, you may talk to yourself and think is ridiculous or useless.

Talking to yourself is healthy because it improves your mental and cognitive health.

Talking to yourself often helps to reduce stress. This provides some support and calms your anxieties by controlling them. Moreover, speaking aloud also allows you to exercise your brain, which improves your memory, intelligence, thinking, etc. Besides, you can also organize your thoughts. It can also help you to be motivated and to reach goals.

From now on, when you talk to yourself in front of your mirror, you’ll no longer have any reason to feel guilty or awkward.


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