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7 Fitness Tips to Build Muscles and Lose Fat

You can find on internet many informations or programmes to build muscles and lose fat, but not often the both at the same time.

Although, when you want to lose fats, the best thing would be to transform its into muscle. Even if they are two opposite things. You can find ways to actually lose weight/fat and look more tone up/gained muscle. Then both can be coupled to work together as your advantages.

So, you can find in this article some fitness tips to have these two effects at the same time: build muscles and lose fat.


The importance of the diet

build muscles and lose fat food

Let’s talk about the basics first.

It’s important to know that even if you have the best workout routine, you won’t have all the good effects of redesigning your shape you expected at the beginning without a good diet.

However, we’re not saying that is not advised to have a good workout routine. It’s actually good to have one. But understand that diet is the most important factor of your physical appearance.

Indeed, many believe that the weight loss and the muscles gain efforts are only 20% exercise, and 80% diet. This might be a huge number and can varied from people to people. However, one sure thing that you’ve to retain is that the thing you eat will make you the way you look.

TIP: Try to get the right number of calories, fats and carbs, proteins and high-fibres nutrients. Mix your meals to always have proteins and nutrients high in fibres in your plates.

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Eat less in once but more often

build muscles and lose fat snack

We always heard about the three big meals during the days to be wedged all day long.

Unfortunately, you can forget this rule because it’s not true for loosing fats and building muscles. If you are hungry, your body will find the energy you need in your reserves. Especially if you are exercising. That’s why we recommend you eat less during the meals and to only satisfy 80% of your hunger. For sure you will be hungry more often, but you can take some snacks, healthy ones obviously.

It will also be the case if you’re doing intermittent fasting. Don’t eat too much during your 2/3 meals but take some healthy snacks when you feel yourself hungry.

So, to build muscles and lose fat, eat less but more often!

TIP: Take your 3 meals a day but don’t eat too much. And when you feel the hunger coming, eat some nuts or apples which are really good for your health.


Lower simple carbs but increase the complex fats and proteins

This can sound contradictory, but you need to eat fats to lose fats. But obviously, not the bad fat from fast food but instead the healthy ones found for instance in quinoa or yam.

Thus, to lose weight and build muscle, it’s important to have a bit of knowledge and actually know the basics.

To make it simple, it exists two types of carbs: the simples and the complexes. The first ones are the easy/simple/quick to digest and the other the starchy ones are more complex to digest, thus last longer in our body. Thanks to his fibres as well. Therefore, you need the starchy ones because of their good benefits for your health.

They will enable you to have a good blood flow, support your brain functions, keep your heart work effectively and burn more energy.

Talking about fat. They are also two of them. Let’s call them good and bad ones. Bad ones need to be reduced or removed when the good need to be in. For instance, bad will be the skin of chicken or the white in meat when the good will be the avocado or the nuts.

Plus, to gain more muscles, proteins like fishes, white meats, eggs will be important. You can for instance have a diet with 60% of complex carbs, 30% of proteins and 10% of healthy fats.

Find here several ways to lose weight fast with explanations of fats, carbs and proteins.

TIP: Like we said before, try to mix your meals with proteins to gain muscles, and low your simple carbs and bad fats to replace them by complexes and healthy ones.

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Eat simple carbs only after workout and proteins

build muscles and lose fat chocolate

As we said before, to build muscles and lose fats, the nutrition part plays an important role. That’s why we haven’t finished to talk about it.

So even if we said that simple carbs (easy to digest) are not advised, one of the only moment you can eat them it’s after practising sports. It’s the same thing for proteins, even if you can eat them during your meals contrary to the simple carbs.

Indeed, after sports and working out, your muscles are hungry and need some energy. That’s why you can eat some simple carbs and proteins to give a short-term boost of energy to your muscles. It will participate to the long-term built of muscles. Like that, you will recover, keep your energy and muscles satisfied, and boost your testosterone.

But finally, you have to pay attention to not often eat these nutrients. Only after workout or in small quantities during meals.

Banana is a simple carbs which is healthy. So that could be one of the best post-workout snack. If you need more healthy sample post workout meals, find more here.

TIP: You can afford yourself to eat dark chocolate and to eat a fruit with eggs just after exercise.


Mix cardio and strength exercises

build muscles and lose fat cardio

Now that we talked enough about the nutrition part, let’s talk about the moving up one!

We know that strength exercises and lifting weights are good for building your muscles. But add cardio to the strength exercises is a really good thing to do.

Cardio will improve your health and help you to burn more calories. So, the best thing to do is to mix the cardio and strength exercises. You also should know that having some rest day between your sessions is the best thing for your muscles to enable them to recover. Moreover, by letting your muscles rest, they will be more productive and will increase faster.

The cardio will boost your metabolism, your testosterone levels and your health in general. Then you’ll be able to lift more weights with the right stamina.

You can find here the best sports to increase cardio.

TIP: If you have time to practise sports and workout, we advise you to run or swim a day, and to lift weights in a gym the followings days by alternating cardio and weight training.

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Work on your legs for all your body

build muscles and lose fat legs

The most of your muscles are located in your legs (70%). That’s why it’s important to train them as well. When you’re in the gym you can exercise them. Doing cardio is also a good way to train them. Nonetheless to increase the muscle on your legs, the famous squat and deadlift will be the best.

Furthermore, by training your legs, you will train your upper body at the same time because your body will release hormones to help build the other part. It’s also important to stretch yourself after exercises to not have cramps and to recover well.

Finally, some stretches exercises can help you as well.

TIP: You can do some squats or deadlifts to work on your legs. If you’re finding that too boring to have an entire session focus on legs in the gym, you can add one or two exercises to work on your upper body.


Get plenty of water

Our body is composed by 60% of water. That’s why it’s one of the most important thing to hydrate your body all day long. Besides keeping you hydrated, drinking water will enable you to lose weight without doing anything.

Moreover, water is the best drink you can have. Fruit juices can contain a lot of sugar, and sugary drinks even more. If you want to have more savour, you can add lemon into for all its benefits.

TIP: Having a bottle of water on your desk at work is a good way to always drink water during the day and to have the right quantity of water you should have.

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So now, let’s start to exercise yourself with working out to build muscles and lose fat!

To be more productive and  faster in your weight loss and to build your muscles, drinking enough water, eating more often during the day are really important. Try to reduce your consumption in bad and simple carbs and go for good healthy fats.

Talking about sports, you can add cardio in your exercises. Don’t forget to work out on your legs. Like that, you’ll train all your body!

Finally, with exercises, you must pay attention to your meals because it’s even more important to attain your goals. Be healthy and good luck in your goals!


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  • If you want to gain musucles on your body try doing ketogenic diet. it converts body fat to muscles.


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