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Can Laughter make you Lose Weight?

It may surprise you, but yes! just by laughing you will lose calories! So, why so serious?

In addition of having many health benefits, laughter will make you lose a bit of weight. Indeed, a study conducted by the International Journal of Obesity has proven in about fifty adults that laughter can make you lose calories (10 to 40) just by laughing for 10 to 15 minutes a day. This would allow people to lose up to 4lbs per year just by brightening up your days.

Moreover, caloric expenditure could increase by up to 20% and the longer people laughed, the more likely they were to lose more calories.

These facts that laughter can make you lose weight are due to the reduction of tension in your muscles. And the increase of the oxygen amount in the blood or also due to the heart exercises. With laughing, you will bound to do more movements and make your heart beat faster. That’s why you will probably lose calories.

Thus, you could be your own natural machine to tone up your abs. Then you will save money from the commercial product they sell for this.

We can agree that it doesn’t allow you to replace sports or go to a gym either, but just by laughing it will make you feel better, and it will also make you lose calories which is not that bad.

Additionally, laughter is communicative, so it will allow you to make your surrounding in a good mood, to appear open-minded and pleasant to stay with. It could help you to meet more people as well.

Being positive can have great benefits in many areas of your life.

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And finally, laughter has many other advantages like the decrease of your stress hormones, the increase of your well-being and your immune cells.

So, laugh my friends, laugh often.

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