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5 Benefits of Eating Good Fats

Generally, fat has often a negative perception in a diet. It’s whether regarded as a major factor of obesity, diabetes or numerous diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. Indeed, it’s clearly a truth concerning ‘bad’ fat, the so-called trans fat, contained in processed foods.

However, it exists ‘good’ fat, also known as unsaturated fat. We previously mentioned what it’s fat by comparing it with sugar. Unsaturated fat is mostly found in plant foods including avocados, certain nuts, oils, etc. It includes monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Like its name suggests it, the ‘good’ fat is particularly beneficial for your health.

Let’s see 5 benefits of eating good fats.


Reduce the risk of heart diseases

One of the best benefits of eating good fats is to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Indeed, your cardiovascular health will be far more improved thanks to foods containing unsaturated fat. It’s mainly explained because this ‘good’ fat can help the cholesterol balance in your blood. As cholesterol is often the cause of many heart diseases, good fats will increase ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL) and decrease the ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL). Therefore, eating good fats can lower the risk of heart diseases.


Lose weight

5 benefits of eating good fats lose weight

Another health benefit of eating ‘good’ fat is regarding weight loss. Indeed, ‘good’ fat has a major influence in a weight loss. Firstly, it has the role of satiety. Most of the unsaturated foods allow you to manage better your satiety. Therefore, you’re no longer hungry during the day and it can help you resist eating outside of meals. Then, good fat is beneficial to lose weight only if you aren’t eating more calories than you’re burning.

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Improve insulin sensitivity

One of the healthiest benefits of eating good fats is improving insulin sensitivity. Insulin controls your blood sugar and helps it to move into your cells. Unsaturated fats allow your insulin to ensure their proper functioning inside your sugar blood. Don’t hesitate to eat as much as possible foods that contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats to improve insulin sensitivity and thus to reduce the risk of high blood sugar and diabetes.


Prevent the risk of cancer

‘Good’ fat plays a major role in preventing the risks of cancer. Indeed, this benefit is tightly linked to inflammation decreasing. Inflammation is often the cause of some cancer. It can be lowered thanks to good fats foods which contain a lot of antioxidants properties. Then, many studies have shown that there is a minor risk of having cancer for persons who have a high intake of ‘good’ fats in their diet than persons with ‘bad’ fats diet.


Facilitate the absorption of vitamins

5 benefits of eating good fats absorption of vitamins

Unsaturated fats are particularly essential in the absorption of vitamins from other foods. Without a necessary amount of vitamin, your health can be in danger. Therefore, vitamins need fat. They’ll make your health functioning properly like providing energy, improving the immune system, etc. ‘Good’ fats are thus the key to help better your health. ‘Good’ fats are essential for the absorption of vitamins including vitamins A, D, E and K that have many health benefits themselves.

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Better skin, hair and eye health

Finally, among the best benefits of eating ‘good’ fats, there is better skin, hair and eye health. Polyunsaturated fats are one the best factor to improve skin, hair and eye health as they contain omega-3s. This omega is well-known to improve your skin and hair cells as well as the eye health.

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‘Good’ fat or unsaturated fat is one the best nutrient for your health.

Contained in many foods such as vegetable oils, nuts and peanuts, avocado, fish and seafood, there are foods to be consumed without hesitation because they bring your health many benefits.

Among the best benefits of eating good foods, there is the power to reduce heart diseases and cancer. Because ‘good’ fats have a major role in cholesterol blood and inflammation. Unsaturated fats are also essential concerning insulin sensitivity, very useful to control blood sugar and risks of diabetes. Then, you can lose weight and reduce the risk of obesity. Finally, the benefit of eating ‘good’ fats can help you to absorb vitamins and improve skin, hair and eye health.

In this way, you’ll no longer regard fat as the absolute enemy in your diet. You can thus prepare and enjoy meals with ‘good’ fat content!


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