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A Study Shows that Not Exercising is Worse than Smoking

We all know that sedentary lifestyle is not the best for our health. Sitting at an office space daily is not what humans are supposed to do. However, a new study that you can find at the end of this article make it clear. Not exercising could be worse than smoking, having diabetes, or having hypertension!

In simple words, your cardiovascular health will be risky if you don’t exercise.

Indeed, the JAMA Network Open shows results of some researchers who test 120000 patients from 1991 to 2014. They’ve realised that moving is great for your health and to make your life longer. Something we all know. However, that’s not all.

The persons who exercise less have the most mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Wael Jaber, a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic and senior author of the study, called the results “extremely surprising.” “If you compare the risk of sitting versus the highest performing on the exercise test, the risk is about three times higher than smoking,” Jaber told CNN.

This study also shew that high intensity activity could have the greatest benefits. Even the persons which are doing in excess are perfectly fine and have the lower mortality rates.

The more a person exercising, the lower their mortality rates. Nonetheless, they have to be careful to do not encounter burnout or over exercising.

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Our Takeaway:

There is just a logic on that. Human being are designed to walk, run, jump, and move like animals. We have legs, arms, articulations, muscles and bones. They are not just designed for typing on a computer.

Cardiovascular exercises prevent from cardiovascular diseases. Our heart has been made to beat up.

Many of us are working in the office unfortunately, and this is the way our world is running nowadays. So, this is life. However, we have to find some times to move our well-designed body.

So what we can realise from that study, it’s that we need to move on. Exercise, walk, jump. Find any activity that you are interesting in it that will you get off from your office and make you breathe differently.

Of course we have to take into consideration our age and our ability but there is ton of different ways to move or exercise. Walking can be a first step and have many great health benefits.

So keep moving and stay healthy.

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