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8 best sources of Vitamin B12

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, and you decided to change your nutrition to take better care of the planet and your health. This could be a good choice. Nonetheless, you should be aware that you still need to have your intake of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for you to be in good health. 

In the vegan diet, there is one vitamin which is missing, the vitamin B12. Thus it might be wise for you to take supplementation of it. 

If you are not into supplementation. It might be good for you – when you do your groceries list and you go shopping – to check labels and see if the food that you used is fortified in vitamin B12. 


Take into consideration

Be also aware that a blood test can determine your B12 levels. A normal range should be between 200 and 900 picograms per millilitre (pg/ml). Experts agree that having less than 200 can create a deficiency. Others say that the optimal level will be 350pg/ml. 

Ageing, medication and gastrointestinal disorders could also require more of it. Because of the fact that the stomach produces less gastric acid or that there is a disturbance in the digestion. That could reduce B12 absorption. Experts thus will recommend that +50yo people took a daily supplementation and eat B12 fortified food. 

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Moreover, make sure you discuss with your doctor (or your health expert) and you have the necessary check-up if you make any change into your nutrition. 

The recommended dietary allowance for an adult is 2.4 micrograms a day. In this article, you can find all the best sources of vitamin B12. 

Note that the number of micrograms will depend on the source and the quality of the product. The microgram next to the food will be approximate. 


1/Breakfast cereal (100gr) – 6.0 microgram

8 best sources of vitamin B12 cereals

As said in the intro, breakfast cereals is one of the best food fortified where you can find vitamin B12. Actually most of them are. So it could be a good option for you to have it for breakfast. Or if you don’t, and do intermittent fasting, for instance, having a healthy snack of it during the day can be good to have your daily intake of vitamin B12. 


2/Soya milk (25 cl) – 3.0 microgram

If you are vegan, drinking a glass of soy milk can be another option to make sure you have your daily intake. Nonetheless, make sure you read the labels of the one you chose, cause not all are fortified in B12. Like cereals they do not contain naturally the B12 in it, so they need to be fortified. Make sure in the section vitamin of the label box you see written clearly B12. 


3/Salmon (100grs) – 2.6 microgram

8 best sources of vitamin B12 salmon

Salmon is a natural source of vitamin B12. Preferably chose organic salmon to make sure you have a well-treated salmon which contain the good nutrients you need from it. 

The more you age, the better the source needs to be healthy. 


4/Turkey breast, roasted (100grs) – 1.5 microgram

Turkey and poultry are one of the best sources of vitamin B12. Again, take care of the sources of the one you chose. As for having the right amount and reliable vitamin and protein you need is best to choose an organic range of chicken or turkey. Be aware that cheap ones in the shop might have added water and salt to make them heavier. So, again, make sure you check the label of it. 


5/Yoghurt and dairy product (1 cup) – 1.5 microgram

Milk and yoghurt are excellent sources of vitamin B12 and can help to match the daily intake you need. Thus dairy products can be excellent sources of vitamin B12 for vegetarians. Labels will tell you how much mg per serving precisely you can find into the dairy product you consume. If you are intolerant to lactose, but you still like the cheese and dairy product, non-lactose dairy can tasty and fortified. Also, almond milk and other plant-based milk are greatly fortified too. 

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6/Beef (100grs) – 1.3 microgram 

Beef is the well most known sources of protein B12. Nonetheless, as the general population is now very aware of the problem – that it contains a lot of saturated fats – of eating beef often. If you want to make sure having enough vitamin B12 you need, make sure you eat the other sources that you can find in this article. And if you want to eat beef from time to time make sure again it comes from good sources. Organic ones preferably.  


7/Vegetarian meat substitutes (100grs) – 1.2 microgram

Vegetarian meat substitute can have excellent taste and can be very similar to normal meat. They often have good spices in it and there are plenty of different options as the world is turning into different products. Again check the label to see how much vitamin B12 there is into as these products are fortified like some other we discussed. 


8/Egg medium (2) – 0,8 microgram 

8 best sources of vitamin B12 eggs

Eggs are one of the best sources of protein and that’s not all. Eggs contain also good nutrients and vitamins to make oneself healthy.

Organic range eggs will be again the best option for our body. Thus, eggs could be one of the best food in the world.


To conclude

As you might understand if you are vegetarian you can find many options for having the right amount of vitamin B12 you need. If you are vegan, you need to take more consideration and often check the label of the food you choose. You might also consider taking vitamin B12 supplements. Hope you are more aware of the best sources of vitamin B12 and where to find them from now on. 

Live happy, live healthy




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