6 healthy habits you can start now

In this year of 2020, more and more people would love to adopt a healthy lifestyle and live better their life. Having some healthy habits could help as being healthy is a long process. So in this article we would talk about some healthy habits you can start now. If it’s too intimidating for you at the beginning, just pick up 2 and try to implement the others during the year. 



Drink a glass of water in the morning  

As you might know drinking water is important, regarding that the body is composed between 60 to 70% of it. During our sleep we are dehydrating ourself so having a glass of water can rehydrate yourself and make your body wake up slowly. You could add also some lemon as lemon has many good benefits

This one is a fresh healthy habits that you can start now easily. 

During the day think about drinking enough water by carrying a bottle with you. 



Have a healthy breakfast 

6 healthy habits you can start now breakfast

After having your glass of water, a great healthy habit which can make you start the day full of energy will be to have a good healthy breakfast

We know that many people love to just have their coffee in the morning and not eat at all. However if you can substitute your coffee with a good healthy breakfast that will be a great healthy habit that you can get and love after time. Breakfast will push your early coffee and you could have it after that. That will unsure you to have enough good food in your body to start a perfect day



Breathe deeply before sleeping 

At night before you get to sleep it can be very healthy for you to stop watching TV which make your body and mind into sleeping mode. One other thing that you could do will be to laid down on your back and do some deep breathing before turning on your favorite side. That will slow down your thinking, mind and make you relax. That is one of the great healthy habits that you can start now which can help you to relieve stress and make you sleep more recovering. 



Eat some greens everyday 

6 healthy habits you can start now green


Broccolis, kale, Brussels sprouts, rockets, these are great greens which contain a lot of minerals and vitamins. Getting healthy habits to have some everyday could really help you to get to a healthy lifestyle. These littles ones are one of the healthiest foods in the world. By just eating them everyday on at least one of your meals will make you so much healthier after time. Of course, having other veggies and good healthy eating will be important as well. However, by just eating greens you’ll be already on your path to eat very healthily. 



Eat no sugar for dinner

As dinner is the last meal of your day and your body gets into its sleeping mode. Eating no sugar could be a great healthy habit that you can start now. Indeed, limiting the stimulant effect on the second part of the afternoon and at night, could keep your insulin low and make you sleep better. Sugar is a stimulant which can make you energize during the time you don’t really need. If you are trying to lose weight or maintain it, it’s a great tip to cut on sugar especially at night. 



Listen to a healthy podcast

6 healthy habits you can start now podcast

Podcasts are a big thing nowadays. Indeed, listening to podcasts can be done on the commute to work, into the bathroom, while cooking or driving. They are great cause you just need to listen to them. You don’t need to sit front of a screen. So listening to a motivational podcast which energizes you could be very healthy for you. Indeed, it will put your mindset goodly to keep on your day. You can use Spotify and type anything which can lift you up like positive podcast, healthy podcast, motivational podcast, and start the day by hearing good news! 




These healthy habits to start can be intimidating at first as every new habit that you want to implement in your life. But, honestly these one are not impossible to get into. After a few days you want notice that is so hard to do. 

So, come on, be motivated, listen to a podcast or watch a good video and start these healthy habits now




My name is Romain Gherardi, founder of Pret-a-Train and Newairz. Author and expert in fitness and health. I write and share my passions in order to help you have a better and healthier life. https://romaingherardi.com/

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