5 Easy Steps to Better Health

It sounds to be like people are getting more aware about how being healthy could improve your life. 

You’ve got to think about big things when you’re doing small things. These steps and advices will allow you to have a better health at the end. 

The health is very important and that’s known by everyone. Indeed, with a good health we will live longer and happier. 

It can seem complicated with all the things you should pay attention, but in fact you can just make some small changes to adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

So here we are, to have a long lifespan, feel better every day or lose some weight and breathe freshly, we advise you to follow these easy steps to better health. 

Don’t procrastinate and let’s get started!


1st step to better health: Drink a lot of water

Our body is make up with approximately 60 % of water. It Is important for you to constantly drink water during days and to stay hydrated.

Plus, drinking water will increases your metabolism as well and will make you lose weight faster.  

When you drink, the water helps to transport nutrients and other essential elements, and waste products from working muscles. It regulates the temperature, maintains the balance in the body and helps to the digestion. So, drinking water is the first step to better your health. 

If you do some sports or physical exercises, it will improve your performances to drink water and to not be dehydrated. Because you lose water with perspiration, drinking enough water will keep you hydrated.  

Fruits and vegetables are healthy and contain more water than the majority of other nutrients. 

So, get that bottle to be healthier!

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better health water

2nd step to better health: Eat healthy meals

Another change is to modificate a little bit your meals to move to healthy meals. Prefer vegetables and fruits to other types of food for instance. 

Don’t skip meals except if you are doing fasting. If you are hungry, don’t hesitate to eat something even more often as long as it’s healthy. Look for some food with a lot of good nutrient low in calories. Here is a selection of great healthy snacks.

Try to really cut down or reduce on fat and sugar as well, only eating good fats is advised for a better health. 

More than vegetables and fruits, pay attention to vitamins you eat, iron, proteins and rich foods. Fish and seafood can also bring you what your body fully needs.

Try to buy healthy food and to only have this one in your fridge, like that if you are hungry you will only eat healthy and better your health.  

Here’s you can read one simple tip to be heathy as well. 

You can substitute bread, pasta, rice by grain versions healthier like quinoa, lentils, chickpeas or others. Delete sodas and other sugary drinks to hand over to water. Which is your best liquid for a better health.

It’s a good thing to eat less salt to lower your blood pressure and swap it with spicy elements that will increases your metabolism. Also, salt can retain more unnecessary water in your body.

All these changes in meals will only be beneficial and better your health. Here, there is a list of healthy nutrients

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better health food

3rd step to better health: Sleep more and relax

After the two first steps to better health, sleep more and stop to stress will help you. It’s actually quite very essential to be healthy. 

Sleeping more and well helps the body in physical recovery, improve the memory and increase the metabolism. It could reduce your chance of diabetes, make you smarter and maintain your weight as well. 

Sleeping peacefully can help you to reduce the stress as well. It’s a vicious circle because stress could also be the cause of bad sleep. 

So, if you have trouble to get relaxed at night, here you can find some advices to have a better sleep. With our today’s faster paced lifestyles, it can result an elevated level of stress hormones and a continuous stress. 

The sleep can help you and it’s the third step to better your health after water and healthy meals. 

So, make sure you sleep between 7 and 9 hours each night because is the time adults need.  To know more about effects of sleep on stress or vice versa, click here

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4th step to better health: Be more active

Of course, another step will be to be more active. It will be great for you to try to have new more active habits during your days. You have to move more and especially if you are sat all day long at your desk in the office. 

We advise you to make some break and get some fresh air with a nice walk. Other breaks just to walk even in the office should be nice for you meanwhile rolling your shoulders and stretch from time to time!

As much as you can, walking is the better way for you to improve your health instead of taking transports or car. You can also prefer climbing stairs than taking elevators. 

After these daily habits, you could get to more intense activities like running, swimming, cycling. There are more intense, which will boost your metabolism and it’s the next step to a better health. 

Yoga or aerobic activities are other ways to be part of a healthy life. 

The most complicated will be to begin taking these habits, but after you will feel bad if you miss one of your daily activities. That will be like any other drug that your body need. However, that’s probably the best one in the world.

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better health exercises

5th step to better health: Maintain your exercise and food journal

Finally, one last thing which could be great for you will be to write on your laptop, phone or even in a journal all your meals and exercises you’ve realised. 

It could be a habit which will help you to make sure that you have not missed certain exercises or forgot something in your diet or your routine.

You could write during your healthy morning routine. Get interested in it if you haven’t one yet.

Doing things with consistency is the number one thing to make you healthier. 

This journal will show you unhealthy habits you have like bad snacks or bad fats that you could improve to better your health.  It could help you to detect your intolerances to certain types of food when you write all what you’ve eat. By updating what you eat and how you feel you could also discover the food which is the most beneficial for you. 

This journal will help you to have good habits and to regulate your healthy lifestyle.

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As you can see, with the follow-up of these steps, you will feel better with yourself. 

Having good habits by just drinking more water, making some changes in your meals and snacks are great step to better health. Coupled with sleeping well and make exercises will allow you to be really into the healthy lifestyle and feel better daily.

It will be even better with a follow-up in a journal where you wrote your intakes, exercise and feeling. What get measured, can get managed. Period.  

These easy steps to better health have to be reunited to succeed and allow fast progress. 

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