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5 Benefits of Reducing Sleep Deprivation on your Health

Restorative sleep is essential for your health and wellbeing.

A lack of sleep can occur to everyone. But a certain number of hours of sleep must be required according to your age for a long period, as we already discussed how much sleep you need. This phenomenon is called sleep deprivation. It can be caused whether by sleep disorder (insomnia, sleep apnea, etc.), aging, illness (depression, etc.) or other factors such as stress, blue screens or a new change in life. If you don’t get restorative sleep, your mental and physical health will suffer.

Therefore, there are a lot of positive effects on your health if you maintain the recommended hours of sleep each night. Let’s see 5 benefits of reducing sleep deprivation on your health.


Improve your mental health

5 Benefits of Reducing Sleep Deprivation on your Health mental health

Your mental is the core of your whole body. When you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, you put your whole health in danger. Mental health encompasses many fields such as memory, thinking, concentration, mood, etc.

For instance, sleep deprivation has a major impact on your memory because sleep helps to classify memories and information. Moreover, a lack of sleep has bad effects on your concentration, creativity and thinking. A solid sleep allows regenerating all these abilities.

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Reduce mood troubles

One of the best benefits of reducing sleep deprivation on your health is to reduce mood troubles.

Sleep and mood are extremely. Indeed, a lack of sleep can worsen your emotional state very quickly. As your mental health requires much sleep, it can turn you with a bad-tempered, moody, very emotional, or sensitive.

Furthermore, the less your sleep, the more you can fall into stress and depression. Indeed, a majority of stressed or depressed people suffer from lack of sleep and insomnia. When you spend your nights ruminating, falling asleep is often late and waking up very early.

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Increase weight gain

5 Benefits of Reducing Sleep Deprivation on your Health weight gain

A lack of sleep can clearly mean weight gain. In fact, doesn’t a lack of sleep increase a weight loss as well as the risk of obesity, but it highly increases the appetite. Many studies have shown that the hormone that handles your appetite and hunger system. The hormone leptin regulates fats and appetite as well as the feeling of satiety. When your sleep goes down, the hormone is decreasing. Therefore, good quality of sleep increases weight gain and risk of obesity.

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Boost your immune system

Having a restorative sleep helps to preserve your health. Indeed, sleep deprivation may increase the risk of falling ill after exposure to viruses. Good quality of sleep allows your whole body to be regenerated. Sleep reviews everything from skin, bones and brain to muscles. Therefore, have a solid and restful sleep can really have a positive effect to repair your body physically and mentally. But most importantly, to make your body stronger and more efficient against any viruses.

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Decrease risk of heart diseases


5 Benefits of Reducing Sleep Deprivation on your Health heart diseases

One of the best benefits of reducing sleep deprivation on your health is to decrease the risk of heart diseases. In fact, lack of sleep put people more at risk of heart diseases. It’s often explained with high risks of inflammation and blood pressure as well as impaired glucose metabolism. These factors are often the cause of heart diseases. It’s just essential to have a solid sleep to decrease and prevent the risk of heart diseases.



Sleep deprivation can have a serious impact on your physical and also mental health. Indeed, deep and restful sleep is vital for your whole health and wellbeing. Sleep plays a key role in every field of your body. It repairs and regenerates your body, your brain, your muscles, etc. It’s thus essential to be aware of the benefits of reducing sleep deprivation on your health.

Physically, with deep and solid sleep, you can decrease weight gain and obesity. Moreover, you can strengthen and boost your immune system as sleep helps to repair and protect your whole body against any viruses.  Mentally, you can largely reduce mood troubles and overall improve your mental health including memory, concentration, thinking, creativity, etc. In addition to these benefits, we can’t forget that better sleep can help you reduce heart diseases.

Sleep deprivation is still difficult to handle. You may be part of those who suffer from that disorder. But step by step, you can improve your sleep cycle and reach each night the proper hours recommended in order to have better health in the long term.


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