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10 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain

You might be aware that practicing physical or mental activities helps your brain being healthy. However, food is actually the main way to make your brain working well. Therefore, your brain needs to have the perfect nutrients to allow the proper functioning of itself. From fruits, vegetables to fishes or spice, here are the 10 best foods to boost your brain.


List of the best foods to boost your brain and why:


Fatty fish

They contain omega 3-s which are essential for the well-functioning of neurons. Abundant in salmon, mackerel, trout, sardine, tuna.. This powerful nutrient allows to learn better. It also helps to emphasise memory brain’s areas.



Nuts provides also omega 3-s. They are thus a useful alternative to fishes for the vegetarians. Furthermore, the high quantity of vitamin E in nuts helps to prevent cognitive decline and degenerative diseases especially in the elderly.

Thus, nuts is definitely considered as one of the best foods to boost your brain and it’s also a great healthy snack.

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Mainly composed of vitamin K, broccoli is perfect to strengthen blood vessels in the brain and to better memory. Besides, the effects of vitamin K, broccoli contains a high amount of potassium, which helps maintaining a healthy nervous system and strengthening brain function.


Richer in vitamin C than any other fruits, eating orange is thus a great way to prevent mental decline and brain ager Moreover, vitamin C can defend your brain against any damage brain cells. Oranges are also important to improve memory and cognition.

Eat an orange a day and you get your source of vitamin C while boosting and improving your brain.



Coffee can be an excellent natural stimulant. The caffeine and antioxidants in coffee increase alertness, improve mood, sharpen concentration and better memory. In order to have all the benefits provided by coffee, drink it alone. Indeed, if you add milk or sugar in it, coffee loses its positive effects. Nevertheless, make sure to not drink coffee in excess.

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Green tea

Similar to coffee, green tea contains abundant antioxidants and caffeine that protect brain functions and strengthen alertness, focus and memory. Nonetheless think about drinking green tea in moderation as well.

Thus, green tea and coffee can be the best drinks to boost your brain, we compile them with their food’s friends.


Dark chocolate

Eating dark chocolate and cocoa powder is good for your brain thanks to the great source of compounds called flavonoids. These powerful antioxidants help preserve the brain’s stem cells and strengthen the brain’s areas of thinking and memory.

Besides of being one of the best foods to boost your brain, chocolate can be one of the foods that you love which can surprisingly healthy.



The consumption of blueberries allows to better or delay short-term memory’s troubles. Thanks to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. This coloured fruit reduce risk of brain ager and degenerative diseases. Which is of course make them among the best foods to boost and improve your brain.

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Eggs provide various benefits to your brain and here’s why.

Rich in vitamin B6 and B12, eating eggs, especially egg yolks, is a good way to decrease the risk of mental decline, cognitive diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. Eggs are also vital to boost brain functioning and development.

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So, let’s end with turmeric. This yellow coloured spicy full of antioxidants protects your brain from stress and memory loss. Besides, turmeric has great benefits in the protection and regeneration of the cerebral cells. Thus, it could be a good option for you to add some turmeric to your healthy meals.

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As a conclusion, it is necessary to adopt a healthy nutrition to boost your brain. All the foods presented above are plenty of powerful nutrients such as vitamin E, C, antioxidants, omega 3-s…

Moreover, these have different benefits for your brain by strengthening memory and thinking, protecting your brain from any damage and diseases or by bettering your brain development.

Hope you’ll become smarter then!


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