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Benefits of sleeping naked

6 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Sleeping naked is definitively not the first thing that goes through your mind regarding health. Indeed, you may be reluctant to sleep in Eve and Adam’s clothes. Others can believe it’s whether embarrassing, inconvenient or uncomfortable. However, it’s actually a habit that has many benefits for your health. For those who won’t dare to give […]

How much sex is healthy

How Much Sex is Healthy?

With all that we can see and hear about sex, it may be normal to wonder how often it is good to do it. First, there are many factors that influence how often you have sex. Indeed, age, health, mood, stress are some of them. For all the benefits that sex brings, some people can have […]

Things that you probably don't know about sugar

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Sugar

Many of us love sugar. This is just a fact. Indeed, sugar is making us craving for more and more. We all know that sugar is sweet, that sugar can be found in doughnuts or in Nutella. We love to have some when we feel good or bad. As kid we received sugar as a […]

Is Masturbation Healthy banana

Is Masturbation Healthy or Harmful?

You’ve probably already asked yourself if it’s healthy or harmful when you’re doing it. Or you might probably ask people around, but you are not sure yet. Is masturbation harmful or healthy? Is it causing you erectile dysfunction or loss of appetite? Before answering to this question, you have to be aware that actually many […]