Healthy Fight

Here you can find our healthy fights between food that we eat. Let’s find the winners on each fight!


Healthy fight 101: Salt vs Sugar

6th June 2019

Do you think we can make healthy fights without mentioning the two most compared condiments in our daily life? No, […]

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Healthy fight 101: Coffee vs Tea

4th June 2019

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee or tea. So, it’s very likely that you too will […]

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Healthy fight 101: Water vs Orange Juices

22nd May 2019

It seems obvious for us to do a healthy fight showing the differences between water and fruit juices. What drinks […]

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rice vs pasta

Healthy fight 101: Rice vs Pasta

17th May 2019

Pasta and rice are often the dishes you prepare when you are not sure about what to cook. A quick […]

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apple vs banana

Healthy fight 101: Apple vs Banana

16th May 2019

You might heard that we need to eat 5 fruits or vegetables per day. This is a common sentence which […]

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potato vs sweet potato

Healthy fight 101: Potato vs Sweet potato

4th May 2019

Many of you ask themselves if sweet potato is healthier than potato or the opposite. You are not actually sure. […]

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