Here you can find our healthy fights between food that we eat. Let’s find the winners on each fight!


Healthy Fight

Healthy fight 101: Salt vs Sugar

Do you think we can make healthy fights without mentioning the two most compared condiments in our daily life? No, that’s not, right? So, you probably understood that, today, we will talk about this two condiments that we use so often: salt vs sugar. Who’s going to win? Take the bets! We’ll don’t teach you […]

Healthy Fight

Healthy fight 101: Coffee vs Tea

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee or tea. So, it’s very likely that you too will be one of them. That’s why we chose to do this healthy fight with you. So, Coffee vs Tea, who’s going to win?   Are Coffee and Tea healthy? First of all, the question is […]

Healthy Fight

Healthy fight 101: Water vs Orange Juices

It seems obvious for us to do a healthy fight showing the differences between water and fruit juices. What drinks should you have? In which case should you have one or the other? Which one will be better for you? So, you’re lucky, we’ll answer these questions here. But before let’s see concisely what are […]

rice vs pasta
Healthy Fight

Healthy fight 101: Rice vs Pasta

Pasta and rice are often the dishes you prepare when you are not sure about what to cook. A quick wink by the way to the our students reader from elsewhere who should know these foods quite well. You can cook them in different ways which will play a role on the carbs that you […]

apple vs banana
Healthy Fight

Healthy fight 101: Apple vs Banana

You might heard that we need to eat 5 fruits or vegetables per day. This is a common sentence which has been market over and over again. That’s right. We need fruits and vegetables daily in a way to be healthy. We know that vegetables are usually prepared during meals, while you can eat fruit […]

potato vs sweet potato
Healthy Fight

Healthy fight 101: Potato vs Sweet potato

Many of you ask themselves if sweet potato is healthier than potato or the opposite. You are not actually sure. That’s why we’re engaging ourselves in this healthy fight ! But before the fight, let’s see if both are healthy !   Are Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes healthy? This question can be obvious. But still […]