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A Study Shows that Not Exercising is Worse than Smoking

A Study Shows that Not Exercising is Worse than Smoking

We all know that sedentary lifestyle is not the best for our health. Sitting at an office space daily is not what humans are supposed to do. However, a new study that you can find at the end of this article make it clear. Not exercising could be worse than smoking, having diabetes, or having […]

great way to stop an addiction

A Great Way To Stop an Addiction

You have realised that something was wrong in your life? That you are probably addicted to something that is not necessarily good for your health. Or you might simply want to stop an addiction? When you first started using this thing, you probably thought, “I’ll never be an addict”. And here you are, not spending […]

Release stress in one minute

How to Relieve Stress in One Minute Daily 

In our day to day life, many of us meet a lot of stress with deadlines and pressure into the work environment. That’s why it’s important to have a break and get some fresh air from time to time. The best option will be to have a nap which has many great health benefits, but […]

benefits of a healthy workplace team

Top Benefits of a Healthy Workplace and Healthy Workforce

More and more, we are asking ourselves the question of well-being at work and the benefits it can bring. Indeed, whether there are the largest companies or even now the smallest. Many of them are trying to promote health and well-being at work. But do you know why these companies are doing this? Why is […]

Naps release your stress and make you more productive napping

Naps Release your Stress and Make you More Productive

In today’s world, people work a lot, don’t have time for themselves and can be too much tired because of the lack of sleep. So, one of the solutions can be to take some short naps during your day at work. For instance, in Japan, naps are named “Inemuri” and there are very well seen. If […]

meditation is good for your health meditation

Why Meditation is Good for Your Health Backed by Science

The fast-moving and mechanised lifestyle of nowadays can affects your mood, your productivity and how you feel due to the pressure. It can also have bad repercussions on your health like depression or burnout. The meditation can be the solution of your daily’s problems. By practising meditation, you’ll feel better and healthier. So, find in […]

laughter make you lose weight men

Can Laughter make you Lose Weight?

It may surprise you, but yes! just by laughing you will lose calories! So, why so serious? In addition of having many health benefits, laughter will make you lose a bit of weight. Indeed, a study conducted by the International Journal of Obesity has proven in about fifty adults that laughter can make you lose […]

build muscles and lose fat legs

7 Fitness Tips to Build Muscles and Lose Fat

You can find on internet many informations or programmes to build muscles and lose fat, but not often the both at the same time. Although, when you want to lose fats, the best thing would be to transform its into muscle. Even if they are two opposite things. You can find ways to actually lose […]

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting focus

The Top Great Benefits of Intermittent Fasting Backed by Science

It seems that everyone is talking about how intermittent fasting (IF) can be good for our brain and body. Indeed, intermittent fasting is very trendy as being better daily; thanks to all the information we have access to. To resume briefly what IF is, if you don’t know it yet: Intermittent fasting is about not […]

Increase your Testosterone Naturally couple

How to Increase your Testosterone Naturally?

Increasing your testosterones levels will not only help yourself in your personal life or just in your sex drive. Indeed, it was shown that having low levels of testosterone could likely increase obesity and at the same time diseases risks and even premature death. That’s why it’s important to increase the levels of your sexual […]

ways to prevent hangovers drink

5 Ways to Prevent Hangovers

We’ve all had a hangover at least once, and we all could agree to say that is not pleasant right? There’s no real cure for hangovers but you have ways to reduce them and their disagreeable effects on our body and mind. You can find in this article different ways to prevent hangovers and to […]

citrus fruits

9 Best Foods to Increase your Blood Flow

The blood flow is necessary for your good health. It has to always work to be able supplying all parts of our body. However, it can become more difficult with age, especially for blood to move up from the feet and legs to the heart. On one hand, a decrease in blood flow can cause […]

lose weight after pregnancy pregnancy

How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

You’ve got a baby, well done! This might be one of your most beautiful day ever! However, after this great giving, many women gain weight after their pregnancy. If you read us, don’t worry you are not alone. That’s normal, it’s life. And we are not all Beyoncé after all. But, here we are to […]

stay motivated to lose weight positivity

A Quick and Concise Guide to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

It can seem complicated to keep your motivation for long time when you want to lose weight. In fact, you can be really motivated at the beginning, but to continue to have the good habits could be more difficult. But don’t worry, you are not alone and the one who succeed have strategy to be […]