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5 Ways to Stop Snoring

5 Ways to Stop Snoring

Snoring can be really annoying. Whether it’s for the snorer or for people who sleep with, you’ll rarely ear “I love snoring”. Indeed, it can make a lot of noise which can cause sleep troubles for both partners. In some cases, it can even be considered as an important disease. To avoid this problem, there […]


How to Get Less Sick and Strengthen your Immune System?

Throughout the year, we struggle to not getting sick. Wherever you can be, whoever you can be with, whatever the weather is, this is hard to maintain a good health and strengthen your immune system. Therefore, if you want to avoid falling sick, follow these few simple habits.   Protect your health with alimentation and […]


What is an Antioxidant and its Property?

It’s almost a fact that you’ve necessarily heard about antioxidants. On the TV, on a description of a product which highlights the well-done of it, on a newspaper…, we hear about them all time actually. But how many of us can explain precisely what is an antioxidant and its property? It’s something hard to explain […]

what does being healthy really mean

What Does Being Healthy Really Mean?

You might have already seen that, we love to speak about health because it’s the central matter which we care very much in Newairz. Indeed, it’s a huge subject, essential for all of us as a human being. Which represents the heart of our website and ourselves. Maybe you want to know more about the […]


10 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain

You might be aware that practicing physical or mental activities helps your brain being healthy. However, food is actually the main way to make your brain working well. Therefore, your brain needs to have the perfect nutrients to allow the proper functioning of itself. From fruits, vegetables to fishes or spice, here are the 10 […]

Health Nutrition

The Best Health Benefits on Stop Eating Sugar

Careful THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT HAVING A NICE PHYSIQUE. First of all, we’d just like to mention that this post will not talk about the looking good effects and the physical appearance. As for us, health is more important than having a nice body, showing abs or bikini on the beach. But for sure, stop […]

having cold showers

6 Reasons Why you Should Try Having Cold Showers?

Rare are the people who take cold showers. However, this is very interesting to be in shape and healthy. Indeed, unlike hot showers, cold showers have several benefits for your body and your mentality. First of all, you may be wondering what a cold shower is. Well, the temperature of the shower must be below […]


How Often Should You Shower for Your Health?

A shower can represent the beginning or the end of your day depending on when you have it. It’s part of your daily routine. But you’ve probably already heard that it’s not necessarily good for your skin and your health to shower too often. That’s why we’ll give you some advices about how often should you […]

Minerals and their properties

What are Minerals and Their Properties

What is a mineral? As with vitamins, we hear about minerals all the time. You can know many things or not about iron, zinc or manganese. But do you really know their properties and how there are important for your health? Are there the same of the minerals we can find on Earth? First of […]

stop being lazy

Several Ways to Stop Being Lazy

Nowadays, everyone feels or gives the impression of being tired. Whether it’s for work or in your daily life, it can be restrictive for you. Sleeping isn’t the only thing that will allow you to recover. You know this feeling that you have after waking up from a long nap? You no longer have any […]

What are Vitamins and their properties

What are Vitamins and Their Properties

Vitamins are an integral part of our daily lives, but do you really know them? Nowadays, we’re often hearing about them, but without really differentiating or knowing what they represent. The dictionary defines vitamin as “a group of organic compounds which are essential for normal growth and nutrition. They are required in small quantities into the […]

best supplements for your health

The Best Supplements for Your Health and Why

Lot of people speak about nutrients and their benefits for the overall health. But how many of you really know them? Be reassured, you’re not alone. Note that most of nutrients which come from foods are essential for our body. Indeed, they’re vital for your health and your shape. Unfortunately, many people have “deficiencies” which […]

most hydrating drinks
Health Nutrition

The Most Hydrating Drinks

Our body is composed of 60-75% water. It’s therefore normal to stay well hydrated. So, You might wondering which beverage helps you to stay hydrated. Of course, we’re all thinking about water, but are there some others that can hydrate us just as well? In fact, all drinks will help you to stay hydrated because […]

how much sleep you need

How Much Sleep You Need

You probably wonder how much sleep you need? You might be very busy and potentially sleep-deprived in your daily life. That’s why you want to know if you are getting enough sleep or not? You also might be tired. So sleep is important to boost your energy naturally and to feel better in your life. […]

stop phone addiction

Simple Tips to Stop Phone Addiction

Almost everyone has a phone today. And even from a very young age. Although they are very useful, we have created a real dependence on them. It has even become an obsession to look at your phone when you wouldn’t need it at all. This has become a reflex. So, maybe you should listen to […]