7 most nutritious food salmon

7 Most Nutritious Foods

16th April 2019

Many of us want to be healthy and fit in our life. We want to enjoy more. Be more peaceful in our body and mind. And “Yes” nutrition plays an important role. This is why we share with you 7 of the most nutritious foods.   Kale and Broccoli Cruciferous veggies are the best for […]

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quit smoking

What Happens After You Quit Smoking – Timeline

15th April 2019

You may want to stop smoking, or you might think about it in a corner of your mind? Many people are smoking, and it can be a though addiction to quit. Nonetheless, you could find great benefits by get rid of this. In fact, quitting smoking will help you to be in better shape and […]

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reduce your anxiety naturally

5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Naturally

11th April 2019

Anxiety can be very hard to cope. Some of us are living with a lot of stress and anxiety daily unfortunately. This fast world doesn’t help actually. Anxiety can lead to bigger problems like depression and thoughts on ending life. There are good medication to help to fight anxiety and stress. However on this article […]

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Eggs Can You Eat a Day

How Many Eggs Can You Eat a Day?

9th April 2019

For a long time, we have heard that eggs are not healthy when consumed in large quantities. That they contain a lot of cholesterols. However, eggs are among the most nutritious foods on Earth for all the protein (amino acids), vitamins and minerals. They contain also good fat. And eggs actually giving us cholesterol that […]

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how much water should you drink and why

How Much Water Should you Drink a Day and Why

8th April 2019

Water is essential for our living as our body is made up with 60 to 70% of it. Thus we need water to be constantly hydrated. Water also help to digest and can prevent from illness like constipation. Water could also lower the risk of kidney and bladder infections.   So how much of water […]

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tips to be healthy and protect the environment

4 Tips To Be Healthy And Protect The Environment

8th April 2019

Our planet is in danger. This is a fact. We can feel that in our own perspective. No need of media to tell us, when we’re getting cold approaching summer. And when we’re getting hot in February in Europe. It sounds like there is no more real season. Global warming and climate changes are real. […]

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A Study Shows that Not Exercising is Worse than Smoking

A Study Shows that Not Exercising is Worse than Smoking

4th April 2019

We all know that sedentary lifestyle is not the best for our health. Sitting at an office space daily is not what humans are supposed to do. However, a new study that you can find at the end of this article make it clear. Not exercising could be worse than smoking, having diabetes, or having […]

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great way to stop an addiction

A Great Way To Stop an Addiction

3rd April 2019

You may realise that something was wrong in your life? That you are probably addicted to something that isn’t necessarily good for your health. Or you might simply want to stop an addiction? When you first started using this thing, you probably thought, “I’ll never be an addict”. And here you are, not spending any […]

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Release stress in one minute

How to Relieve Stress in One Minute Daily 

2nd April 2019

In our day to day life, many of us encounter a lot of stress with deadlines and pressure in the work environment. That’s why it’s important to have a break and get some fresh air from time to time. The best will be to take a nap which have many great health benefits, but it’s […]

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How much sex is healthy

How much sex is healthy?

1st April 2019

With all that we can see and hear about sex, it may be normal to wonder how often it is good to do it. First, there are many factors that influence how often you have sex. Indeed, age, health, mood, stress are some of them. For all the benefits that sex brings, some people can have […]

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