5 benefits of eating good fats

5 Benefits of Eating Good Fats

Generally, fat has often a negative perception in a diet. It’s whether regarded as a major factor of obesity, diabetes or numerous diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. Indeed, it’s clearly a truth concerning ‘bad’ fat, the so-called trans fat, contained in processed foods. However, it exists ‘good’ fat, also known as unsaturated fat. We previously […]

5 healthy ways of talking to yourself

5 Health Benefits of Talking to Yourself

At home or on the street, do you often find yourself talking to yourself? You may think it’s completely crazy, ridiculous or embarrassing. As a matter of fact, speaking aloud is related to schizophrenia or various mental disorders, but it regards the extreme part of this practice. However, when you talk to yourself at some moment […]

7 healthy foods containing good fats

7 Healthy Foods Containing Good Fats

Fat represents an important part of your diet. They are essential to ensure the proper functioning of your body. It’s also necessary to distinguish between good and bad fats. ‘Good’ fats, also known as the unsaturated fats are very important for your health. They have several health benefits including the prevention of heart diseases and […]

the keto diet for beginners meal plan

A Keto Diet Meal Plan

As we’ve already tackled this topic, the keto diet is undoubtedly one of the best ways to lose weight but also to protect your health against cardiovascular and neurological diseases. However, you can reach these objectives if you don’t follow a very strict and tough diet. Nutrition is one of the major keys to being […]

the keto diet for beginners

The Keto Diet for Beginners

The ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that has been popular over the past few years. Moreover, this diet offers many health benefits for those who suffer from heart diseases, diabetes, asthma, cancer, etc. It also helps with weight loss. However, there are still criticisms about its potential harmfulness for health. Let’s jump right […]

5 Benefits of Reducing Sleep Deprivation on your Health

5 Benefits of Reducing Sleep Deprivation on your Health

Restorative sleep is essential for your health and wellbeing. A lack of sleep can occur to everyone. But a certain number of hours of sleep must be required according to your age for a long period, as we already discussed how much sleep you need. This phenomenon is called sleep deprivation. It can be caused whether […]

healthy ways to reduce food waste

6 Healthy Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Globally one-third of food is wasted every year. This high data makes it essential to take action now to reduce food waste. Food waste has become a serious problem for many years. Whether from an environmental aspect (with excessive use of transport, water, energy, artificial input), but also ethical and finally economic through unnecessary expenses either […]

8 ways to cope with stress

8 Ways to Cope with Stress

In today’s life, we’re facing hard pressure which can constrain us in our daily professional or personal environment. This situation can eat away at our lives to the point of preventing us from sleeping, eating or even the most fundamental one: being happy. This feeling that can ruin our lives sometimes is called stress. But […]

healthy ways to cope with heatwave

6 Healthy Ways to Cope with the Heatwave

Heatwave commonly refers to temperatures that exceed 30 degrees during the day and above 20 degrees the night. Heatwave is sometimes difficult to cope with. During these periods, daily life can become very exhausting and sweaty! Difficulties can appear whether at the office, at home, outside as well as during the day or during the […]

Sugar vs Fat, which one is the worst for your health?

Sugar vs Fat, Which One is Worse for your Health?

As we tackle many subjects about health and nutrition, we couldn’t skip the topic of sugar vs fat. Sugar vs Fat is definitively the ultimate battle of healthiness. Discussed in every aspect of a healthy or unhealthy diet, sugar and fat are every time put into the competition. ‘this one is good!’, ‘you should moderate […]

Healthy Anti-Stress Foods

7 Healthy Anti-Stress Foods

Stress is part of our daily professional or personal life. It’s often difficult to overcome certain situations that can really be unhealthy for us. But a healthy diet has great importance in reducing the negative effect of that stress. Indeed, foods are a perfect solution. They’re full of good nutrients that have a specific power […]

9 foods to whiten your teeth

9 Foods to Whiten your Teeth

You may be wanting to have your teeth brighter. It might make yourself happier and able to smile to everyone. Which can be a great opportunity to spread the healthiness around yourself. There are many aesthetic treatments available to whiten teeth during dentist sessions or with industrial products. But these can be quite expensive and […]

5 health benefits of limiting processed foods

5 Health Benefits of Limiting Processed Foods

Processed foods have been part of our daily diet for several years. They are easy to buy, to prepare and to eat. Nevertheless, these processed foods have been altered, meaning that they contain a huge amount of artificial ingredients such as sugar, salt, fat, preservatives, additives, colours and flavours. The list is so long that there […]

Benefits of sleeping naked

6 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Sleeping naked is definitively not the first thing that goes through your mind regarding health. Indeed, you may be reluctant to sleep in Eve and Adam’s clothes. Others can believe it’s whether embarrassing, inconvenient or uncomfortable. However, it’s actually a habit that has many benefits for your health. For those who won’t dare to give […]

Plant milk vs Animal milk

Healthy fight 101: Plant Milk vs Animal Milk

Animal milk has been a part of our lives for many centuries. You may be a part of the several keen consumers who enjoy large portions of these high calcium beverages. We often compare animal milk with plant milk. However, in several years, plant milk has grown in importance on the shelves of supermarkets, taking […]